Tales of An Accessories Addict: Celeb Edition

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Happy Friday!

Today’s Tales of An Accessories Addict will focus on some lovely celebs. Shall we begin?

Toubab Paris

Fashion designer Angela Simmon is rocking a Toubab Paris necklace. Unfortunately their E-shop is not open yet but some of their necklaces {not Angela’s} are for sell here. They are beautiful but very expensive.


Photo Source: Angela’s Instagram





Singer Alicia Keys rocking the gorgeous Tyson necklace by Dylanlex, looking like a goddess. That is a statement piece!!

Photo Source: Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Zimbio

I am here for it all! Her hair,the baby bump/pregnancy glow, the all black, the love and of course that statement necklace!!! The Tyson necklace is $820 so I found some similar alternatives below because I can’t afford that.
Remember the keyword is “SIMILAR“.


Left: UNARI -$50.00 here   Right : WIFFEN -$25.00 here


I was trying to keep the silver theme going but the gold on the right is much cuter in my opinion. What do you think?

Left: Tres Chic Arabia Necklace-$39.99 here  Right: Arabian Nights Necklace-$49.99 here


These are a bit of a stretch but their cute so what the heck!

Left: Boho Necklace/Coin Necklace-$38.50 here  Right: Coin necklace/Vintage Statement-$38.50 here


So the other day I was watching TheChicNatural’s latest video. I adore her but I initially clicked on the video just to look at her necklace. I was hoping she would mention where she got it from because it’s lovely. She never mentioned it in her video because it was about wig making. However, she did mention it in the description box  below her video.

The Chic NaturalistaI watch enough popular YouTube vloggers  to know that if they don’t mention it in their video, most of the time it’s in the video description box. Anywho, I head on over to Sassy Jones Boutique to view this beautiful necklace . I see the necklace but guess what else I see? ME!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disturbed. Only because I didn’t know MY images were being used to sell jewelry for a boutique I’ve never heard of. I know it’s 2014 and pictures online are free for all. However, I just thought it would be nice to credit me and/or inform me of their usage. I did notice that the last picture above has a watermark of my blog name. I appreciate that because the other picture of me doesn’t reference my blog. However, I just thought it was a bit shady forreal. Not only are my images used to sell the jewelry, so our Zara’s. That image of the fringe necklace is straight from Zara’s site {see here} and so is another image of the neon necklace I saw {not included in my post}. Both necklaces are cheaper on Sassy Jones Boutique. The fringe necklace at Zara is $69.90 {here}  but at Sassy Jones Boutique it’s $26.99 {here}. I am just trying to figure out what the fringe necklace from Sassy Jones Boutique really looks like since they’re using Zara’s pictures. Is it really the same necklace or does it look and feel slightly different? I don’t have money to waste and order Sassy Jones Boutique version to see. If I did I would because I am very curious. I really do like The Chic Natural’s necklace so perhaps they’re necklaces are of good quality. My thing is why not just use your own images? Instead of taking the images from Zara or my blog. It seems kind of suspect, unoriginal and lazy in my opinion.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?? And What would you do if you were me? Please let me know in the comments.

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Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Amma Mama

  • Klassy Kinks
    October 25, 2014

    I was looking at that Arabian nights necklace but decided it was too much for my simple life. And this site is messy! They better cut you a check if they’re using your photos – you should contact them to take them down or pay up.

    • ammamama
      October 31, 2014

      Thanks for the advice Ijeoma! I told her to remove them and she did 🙂
      The Arabian Nights would look good on you! Don’t be scurred…lol

  • Elodie
    October 26, 2014

    Ok first of all….

    You’re like making me obsessed with accessories, necklaces in particular. And I don’t wear necklaces because I believe they look absolutely rediculous on… Except for two that I have… But seeing all the pretty oversized necklaces, makes me want some. Like really want some… But then I fear they’d look ridiculous on me as always.

    Second….. Duuuuudeeee! The way things happen is so weird… Like watching the video because u saw the necklace and a that leading you to pictures of yourself… What are the chances?… I would be absolutely freaked out … To me it takes away from a flattery …specially when they knew where the images came from… It’s easy to contact the owner and inform or ask for permission.. Creepy… I’m also curious to know the differences in the necklaces … Because there’s no way they are the same.. Right??
    Thanks for another informative post <3

    • ammamama
      October 31, 2014

      Hey Boo! Come on over to the dark side *evil laugh* You look good in necklaces the few times I’ve seen you rocking one. They won’t and don’t look ridiculous on you. I contacted the owner and asked her to remove my pics. She did. Thanks for reading and I am glad you found the post informative! You’re always so kind and you rock 🙂

  • prissyville
    October 28, 2014

    This is has happened to be since i started blogging. My images haven’t been used to sell products but have been on websites without my permission or credit being given. The least they can do is give credit. I don’t water mark my pictures and i doubt if i will in the future but its very unfortunate. I would say you can send them an e-mail and see what they say. Hopefully they respond. sorry about that.

    • ammamama
      October 31, 2014

      Hey Prissy!! The least they can do is give credit! I do watermark some of my pics but my watermark looks corny. I need a cute/chic one..lol I did email the owner and ask her to remove both pics and she did. Thanks for reading & for the advice <3

  • ammamama
    October 31, 2014

    Wow I never knew Christina! That’s messy..lol Yea I’d love to start my own online boutique/accessories shop. I don’t want to be messy though. I did ask the owner to remove my pics and she did. Thanks for reading and schooling me on how this ish really works..lol 🙂

    • justmissedtherunway
      October 31, 2014

      Just do it then! I see you being really successful! Download the entrepreneur app and get to it!

      • ammamama
        October 31, 2014

        Awww thanks for that encouragement!
        I never heard of the app but I will download it. Thanks for that tip 🙂

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