My Feeding Cornrows!


So I typically get feeding cornrows every summer. They’re my go to summer hairstyle when it’s really hot and I can’t think of anything else to do. They were also my transitioning (growing out my relaxer) hairstyle in 2009. My stylist Darlynda has been doing them for me since about 2009.  She is responsible for my Box BraidsCrochet braids, and recent my Up-do.


My past Feeding Cornrows

2011- Great vacation hair for Los Barbados

Summer of 2012 with a little bit of color


2015 currently

The pros of having cornrows on vacation is  just being able to get up and go! Being able to see my scalp and touch it. Not feeling hot because it’s wrapped up into a neat bun away from my neck. The con would be style boredom. I can either rock it in a bun or just let it hang down. I am limited to just those two styles #Boring  However, I am seriously debating whether or not to rock these for my two-week vay k in Ghana. I would re-do them before my trip but it would be the exact same style. Some say I should do my hair in Ghana including my hairstylist but I’m just not sure yet.

Below are some various cornrow options/inspiration (featuring some fabulous celebs) for the summer. For the record, I have added my own names to these various cornrow styles…lol

Jail Braids/ Prison Braids

That’s what I call cornrows that go straight back. I used to rock these type of cornrows with my real hair back in the day.

Around the Way Filet Cornrows

 *Ques* LL Cool J Around the Way Girl

I feel like your hair has to be naturally laid for this kind of cornrow style. My hair wouldn’t stay laid in this style for long. Especially if it’s hot or humid. My kinks and coils would just poof right on up! All Keri needs is some “bamboo earrings, at least two pair” to complete this around the way filet look.

The Classic Cornrow Bun

This is when you want to keep it simple, safe and cute. Summer wedding maybe?  Red carpet? This is my go to right here!

Not feeling the bun? Just let it hang in a ponytail.

Alicia Keys Cornrows

Braids cornrowed to the side plus individual braids.

Anytime I see this cornrow style, I think of Alicia Keys. I can’t help it. She used to rock this style a lot! The first three pictures are of French/Senegalese blogger Fatou and she has a blog post about this style and who did it here.

Stylist Info

meet my stylist darlynda

Again, my feeding cornrows were done by my stylist Darlynda (pictured above). She did my Crochet Braids, Box Braids, and recent Up-do. Below is her Style Seat page and Instagram.

Style Seat


Her telephone number is on her Style Seat page. Text her to book an appointment or email her at She is located in Bowie, Maryland. By the way, my current feeding cornrows are not tight. There was one braid she did that was too tight but when I told her, she removed it and re-did it. She is not heavy-handed either. I love her <3

How are you rocking your hair currently? What is your go to vacation hairstyle?

Please share below and thank you for reading 🙂 !

Amma Mama

  • Susanna
    June 15, 2015

    Love the post! I agree..get your braids done in Ghana!! 🙂

  • susieq1113
    June 15, 2015

    Love the post! I agree…get your braids done in Ghana! 🙂

  • Summer
    October 8, 2015

    Hi, what salon did you get the feeder cornrows on Bowie?

  • Febeh
    December 10, 2015

    Ummm so who is this stylist cause i want cornrows this spring and i also need a natural hair stylist in the DMV

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