Brunch at Busboys and Poets

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is an Out N’ About post (see that new category under Life). I don’t eat out much but when summer rolls around I live a little. This past Sunday I went to a restaurant I am very familiar with called Busboys and Poets. I went with my woes. Did you know that woe means working on excellence? I had no idea and now that I know, I will make sure to overuse it..lolΒ  Anywho, I was looking forwards to this brunch meetup for two reasons.

My Woes <3

  1. It’s been AGES (well since our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party) since we all hung out together.
  2. I LOVE Busboys and Poets nachos. They’re not your average nachos. I mean they give you the works and its cheap!Β  Only $8.00 for a taste of food heaven and $2.00 extra if you add chicken. Click here to read the menu and see what their nachos consist of.

Even though we were there for “brunch” my heart and taste buds were set on their nachos. I was devastated (yes devastated) when the waitress informed me that nachos were not served until lunch which began at 3pm, even though it was 2pm at the time. Waiting a whole hour for the nachos wasn’t an option so I had to choose something from the brunch menu quick.

Chicken Omelette I opted for the chicken omelet and it did not disappoint. It contained chicken, tomato, onion, spinach and feta cheese, it was served with whole-wheat toast and I chose the home fries instead of the grits. The home fries weren’t good. They lacked flavor and weren’t crisp enough for me. However, everything else hit the spot. I would definitely recommend the chicken omelette. My bestie had a piece of mines and she also agreed it was yummy.

Busboy and Poets has six locations in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) area. It’s a good place to meet up with people. It’s also good for a birthday dinner or nice afternoon lunch. In addition there are monthly events held there. Monthly events ranging from book signings, to open mic poetry night, documentary screenings, cd releases and etc. Just check out their events page for more information on upcoming events. My woes and I met for brunch at their Hyattsville location. After brunch, we took a stroll around a cute neighborhood.

“You know a neighborhood is being gentrified when you see a Busboys and Poets.” – words from a coworker of mines


Selfie Stick Time

We finally got it to work after some technical difficulties. It didn’t want us to be great.

Diva & Doc

My favorite set of twins that aren’t really twins.

Diva & Doc

Becs and IΒ 

Becs and I

I’m something like a paparazzi and a certified creep.



Rocking one of my favorite dresses I got made on my recent trip back home to Ghana.

Me rocking my Angelina

Sunday was a fun filled day with my woes and good food. I’m dreading the end of summer but I plan to soak it all up before it ends. Heatwaves, humidity and all, I truly LOVE the summer.

Thank you for reading and have a fab day!
~Amma Mama

  • Rebecca Pyuzza
    July 29, 2015

    Hey Love,
    I love the new look of your website.. You are a certified creep! LOL. I love the post. Your dress gave me life!! YASSS hunnie!!! On another note I loved our hang out session. Definitely dont need to wait half of the year to hang out again.


    • ammamama
      July 30, 2015

      Hey Sweetz!
      Thank you!! I’m glad you like it πŸ™‚ I really am though, lol!!! I reallly enjoyed it also. We don’t and we won’t. I’ll make sure of that! Have a great day and thank you for always supporting my blog tingz <3

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