Ghana 2015|Vlog # 4|Kakum & Elmina

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Today I bring to you vlog 4 and its under twenty minutes!

On this day, we were still at Cape Coast in my Uncle Yaw’s home. Remember he came to our rescue?



We woke up, ate breakfast, and then we went straight to Kakum National Park. The day started off very cloudy and it even began to rain right when we were about to start. To avoid getting wet, we did a history tour (inside) about Kakum National Park. By the time the history tour was finished, it had stopped raining. Most of the time when it rains in Ghana, it quickly stops and the water dries up pretty quickly. As the day continued, the weather became sunny and beautiful.

Kakum National Park Canopy Bridge

Kakum was really nice. This was my second time there and I was more scared this time. My sis-in law said it’s because I am older. I guess I’m not young and fearless anymore…lol Even though I was increasingly anxious, I still had a blast. I would absolutely do it again and I would also recommend it to anyone traveling to Ghana. Make sure you wear sneakers! It involves a lot of walking and it’s a hike just to get up to the first canopy bridge. Going to Kakum and touring the slave castles was number one on my sis in law’s “To Do” list for Ghana (this was her first time in Ghana). It was also my niece’s first time.Momo

My niece said walking the canopy bridges at Kakum National Park was the best part of the trip for her (out of the 12 days). She really enjoyed it. She even told me the other day that Ghana was the best part of her summer! That really touched me because she just permanently (for the next two years) moved  to Azerbaijan and I just want her to remember this family trip and her first time to Ghana in a positive light. She is ten years old and when I went to Ghana around that age circa 1997 (I was actually nine years old), I hated it!!! I honestly didn’t start enjoying and appreciating Ghana until 2010 (when I was 22 years old). Simply because before I never did anything but visit family. I didn’t know all that Ghana had to offer. Remember I didn’t even know there were slave castles? I am glad she and my sister in law’s first time to Ghana was memorable. I just wanted Ghana to leave a good taste in their mouths. #MissionAccomplished


Visiting Elmina was the best part of my entire trip!  The scenery is breathtaking! Elmina is such a beautiful town and it is visually stimulating. It is extremely picturesque and everything looks like  a Greetings From Ghana postcard, or a beautiful photo in a history book or a scene from a good documentary about Ghana. Everything was picture worthy. I was snapping away!! This was my second time at Elmina and my second time doing the tour. I honestly wasn’t listening to the tour guide, hence why I didn’t record much of the tour in this vlog. I was too distracted because the sun was beaming and everything was so pretty. I was like a kid at recess. I just wanted to play and bask in the sun. I didn’t feel like learning and I couldn’t focus on anything he was saying. Plus, I felt the tour was similar to the Cape Coast tour (seen here). The major historical differences I can think of between the two, Elmina Slave castle was built by the Portugese and Cape Coast was built by the British. Also, Elmina slave castle is older and it is actually the oldest European building in existence below the Sahara. However, I really liked the walk through museum. It focused more on the Fante people (Elmina is located in the Fante region) and their history more so than the Atlantic slave trade. There were also many beautiful photographs of the Fante people and their various artifacts within the museum. I would definitely recommend visiting Elmina slave castle, even if you visit Cape Coast beforehand because the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! See my pictures below and watch vlog 4 to catch a glimpse of its  splendor.

I am giving away a cute dashiki I bought from Ghana. Read here on how to win it. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my vlogs. You can catch up on the previous vlogs here. Have a great week!!

~Amma Mama


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    August 31, 2015

    Where are the pictures? can’t see them…

    • ammamama
      September 1, 2015

      I was having issues earlier but I’ve corrected it. Let me know if you still can’t see.

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