Ghana 2015|Vlog # 5|Heading to Kumasi!

Happy Monday!

Today I bring to you Vlog # 5-Heading Home to Kumasi!

My parents live in Kumasi (pronunciation: kuu-MA-see) which is about four hours away from the capital Accra. We were suppose to leave Accra earlier than we did but ish happened so we left for Kumasi on Saturday and LATE at that.

My aunts flowers

You know we didn’t leave my uncle’s house on time because I was snapping selfies and flower


It literally took the whole day just to get to Kumasi. It’s a four hour drive (think MD to NY). However, if you really want to make it a four hour drive you need to leave super early in the morning to avoid that good ol Ghana traffic.

presidential palace

On our way to the VIP bus station, we rode past the Flagstaff House which is equivalent to the White House. It’s where Ghana’s president lives. More info here and real picture of it here. It actually looks really cool in person. I like the architecture of it.

 Stuck in Traffic

Random picture of the back of a Tro tro. I mentioned here how I love snapping pictures of the many sayings on the back of Ghana’s cars. Seeing these sayings on the back of cars and Tro tros always reminds me of bumper stickers.


The best charter bus in Ghana is V.I.P., hands down. We got to the V.I.P. bus station later than we had planned. It took forever for us to purchase our tickets at the ticket booth. The booking clerk closed it down for about an hour. He just straight up closed the ticket window and dipped. I am not sure why. VIP Bus Station, Accra Ghana

I was outside people watching but then it got way too hot. When we finally got on the bus, it stopped a lot. At one point a guy was taken off the bus because he had a bag of weed and a knife. Oh not just any bag but a huge Ghana Must Go bag filled with weed. When the bus stopped at the police check point, the police came on the bus and escorted him off. The police do regularly search the men on the bus. However, not just for drugs but because sometimes the men are actually armed robbers. This is why in Ghana it is especially dangerous to take a charter bus late at night. It’s not wise to do so. We could’ve taken a small plane from Accra to Kumasi. The plane could’ve cut down our traveling time significantly. It would’ve taken us about 45 minutes to get from Accra to Kumasi by plane. However, my mom refused to get on a small plane. You can hear her voice her reasons in Vlog 1Β  but in a nutshell she didn’t want to die…lol

Pics from the bus

I didn’t take many pictures this day because I was on the bus most of the day. However, I did snap a few shots from the bus which I posted below. (My apologies if they’re blurry or out of focus. The bus was moving and I’m not a pro yet. In due time though :-)!) While riding on the bus, I saw a lot of people going to funerals or coming from one. I also saw a few funerals happening. You can see in this recent vlog and even one picture below, women wearing all black African cloth. That is standard funeral attire in Ghana.Β  Funerals are a big deal in Ghana and they usually take place on Saturdays. One funeral I rode past, I saw a live band and the people were walking with the closed casket in the air. It really looked like a I tried to record it but by the time I got my camera out the bus had already rode past it πŸ™


Once we FINALLY reached my parent’s home in Kumasi, we ate dinner and just caught up with my dad. My brother Kwaku showed him his wedding pics, honeymoon pics, his vacation videos and my niece’s soccer pics. Unlike my mom who visits the US at least once a year, my dad doesn’t so my brother Kwaku had a lot to show him. Basically his whole life within the past


Fun Fact: Kumasi is the Ashanti region of Ghana and the Ashanti capital. My parents are actually both Ashanti. You can read more information about Kumasi here.


All in all, it was a lovely evening spent with my family. I completely punished the jaloff rice and chicken that my cousin Amma made for us. That girl can cook!!! Anywho, don’t forget to enter my dashiki giveaway here. A winner will be announced on 8/17/15 and so far I have only three entries. Thank you for reading and have a very blessed week.


~Amma Mama

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