Ghana 2015|Vlog #7|Market Haul

Happy Monday!

Today I bring to you Ghana 2015|Vlog #7|Market Haul!

This is my shortest Ghana vlog (a little under 13 minutes) because I didn’t take my camera with me on this day. My mom & aunt scared me as you will hear me disclose in the vlog. The day started off with us changing money (from US dollars to Ghana cedis), us going to the cloth store, and us dropping off some of our cloth (we had just bought at the market) with the seamstress. I have many pictures (via my iPhone) because we made some stops in between. We also did a lot of shopping.Β  When we finally got home with all our bags in hand, I was so tired. I was literally exhausted!


The first stop was my uncle William’s store which is underneath where my grandma used to live before she died. He inherited that property and turned it into a very successful beverage store. In Ghana, the Muslims are known for given good rates when it comes to converting US dollars to Ghana cedis. They give you more for your buck. So we were waiting in my uncle’s store for this Muslim guy that usually exchanges money for us. While we were waiting, this lady passed by with pineapples and mangoes for sale. We called her attention and bought some mangoes!


Then we walked from my uncle’s store (with my auntie Amma) to a nearby cloth store. My aunt actually lives where my grandma used to live so we met with her after exchanging the money.

With the girls.

This store had lots of cloth but I didn’t purchase any from here but I did purchase a lot at the market. This beautiful array of cloths below is the header for my blog! (But you may not be able to see my blog header via a cell phone.) I love this picture because of the beauty and the richness of the colors.

Photo credit: Amma Mama


Ashtown, Kumasi GhanaThis is right outside of the store. That Ashtown, Kumasi daily hustle and grind!


We then went to another store to get cream. I took a picture of this ad because my sister in law wanted to use it to show the hairstylist(s) how she wanted her hair done. By the way, that’s model Wakeema Hollis.

Selfies in the market

We went to a market in the area of Adum ( which is considered downtown Kumasi). When we got to the busy market, it started to rain. We tried to wait it out (while taking selfies) in one of the market stalls we purchased cloth from.

veggie shopping

My mom purchased some veggies while we waited.

We then went to the Woodin store, still in Adum. I did not take these two pictures of Woodin store posted above. I got them from the website here. Woodin has 14 locations in Ghana. It has other locations throughout West Africa but the majority of them are in Ghana. I passed by so many Woodin stores while in Ghana. I visited two of them, the one in Adum (Kumasi) and the one in Accra Mall (which is directly opposite the VLISCO store ). Woodin is a big deal because it is actually one of the few “African” textile brands actually made in Africa & not Europe or China. ItΒ  has been produced in the Ivory Coast for over 25 years, read here.

auntie Monica

Since we were in Adum, not far from my auntie Monica’s office, we paid her a visit. She used to live in Virginia but retired and moved back home. A lot of my aunts and uncles have done that. On my trip, I noticed that most of them are a lot more successful (with their own businesses) and happier than they ever were living here in the US. For some, “Home is where the heart is”. Some of them including my mom still visit the US occasionally to spend time with their kids living here. In that picture above, my sis in law is showing Auntie Monica family pics (of my nephews) on her phone.


We finally made it to the seamstress, 7 days into our trip! This particular seamstress was referred to us by mom’s good friend “teacher” (who appears here in Ghana 2015|Vlog# 6|Going to Church! ). Her Sunday outfit was nice so I trusted her recommendation. We dropped the cloth off on Monday and picked it up on Friday. Between my sis in law and myself, we gave her so much stuff! I am so amazed that she and her team were able to complete everything by Friday. We gave them so many different cloths, sizes and designs (for ourselves and others)! To top it all off, they did an excellent job and they did everything right! She has a team of girls that work for her because she runs and event & interior design company that specializes in wedding decorations. She and her team make wedding decorations from scratch. You’ll see some of her team in an upcoming vlog.

Plantain chopsOn the way home, we stopped for plantain chips and yam chips (not pictured). After burning all those calories running around town, we were starving.

school kiddiesWe passed some school kiddies on the way home.

Melissa Giveawa winner!!Speaking of things purchased in Ghana. I purchased a dashiki during my trip and I hosted a dashiki giveawayΒ  here on my blog. The winner Melissa was announced in last week’s post Ghana 2015| Vlog #6|Going to Church. Melissa sent me this beautiful picture of her rocking the dashiki she won. YASSS! #WERK girl!Β  Thanks for the picture Melissa, you look great! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?!

Random: I am thinking about making a photo book out of my Ghana pictures. I really like the pictures I took on this trip. One of my FAV YouTubers Laila aka FusionofCultures made a really cute picture book out of her Thailand vacation pictures, seen here.

What is your favorite picture from this post?

Please share below, it will help me to know what to include in my picture book.

Thank you for reading! You can view my previous Ghana vlogs here.

Have a blessed week <3

~Amma Mama


  • Bebe
    August 24, 2015

    Love the post can you do another giveaway please !!!

    • ammamama
      August 25, 2015

      Thanks twin! Yes! I have a few coming up πŸ™‚

  • Milan
    August 26, 2015

    Love all the fabrics! Totally making me want to buy some and dust off my sewing machine. Lol. I also want to support that black owned fabric company. I’ll have to look and see if I can buy from them online. If not, I’ll have one of my girlfriends that lives there, get and send me some.

    • ammamama
      August 27, 2015

      Yes dust of that sewing machine!! πŸ™‚ I wish I could sew.
      I checked their website but I didn’t see an order online option. Looks like your best bet is your friend that lives there.
      Thanks you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  • Ama Kyei
    August 26, 2015

    Amma, you should totally do the photo book. When I briefly lived in Ghana my camera was near defunct and I definitely didn’t have a smart phone to take pictures. You should definitely capture your photos in a memorable way.
    I am an ntoma junkie. It’s all I want when I go home and my relatives always tease me about spending money on cloth and sewing. I tease my husband that if he ever questions what to gift me with, he can never go wrong with quality fabric.
    Seeing Kumasi in your vlog as bittersweet. I used to trek to Kejetia and Adum daily just to be in the mix. I love Kumasi and prefer it over Accra every day.
    lovely post as usual!

    • ammamama
      August 27, 2015

      Yes I will definitely make one then! I really liked the pictures I took during my visit. I think they really capture the beauty of Ghana. I tried to take a lot of scenic and in the moment pictures.
      Oh so your an ntoma junkie, that’s your cloth! For someone who claims to “love” kente, I don’t have enough. I didn’t even get any on this trip πŸ™ It’s good that you take the opportunity to buy cloth and sew it. Compared to my previous trips to Ghana, I bought the most cloth and sewed the most outfits on this trip. I usually buy about two cloths and sew two outfits. If I am lucky, one of those outfits looks like what I asked for…lol Quality fabric is an excellent gift. I’d be happy with that too!
      Aww, are you visiting anytime soon? My mom and uncles also prefer Kumasi. They do not like Accra. My uncle said that Accra is too fast and that it tries too hard to imitate America. He said ” Accra is imitation, nothing but imitation” All of my cousins and many of my peers prefer Accra. During my trip in 2012 and even on this trip, I was asked by some why was I going to Kumasi. Someone even said to me here is nothing there and that the sewing isn’t that good. She recommended I do all of my sewing in Accra. I also heard some people say that Dumsor is far worst in Kumasi than in Accra. My sis in law, brother, and my niece prefer Kumasi. My sis in law (this was her first time in Ghana) said her Ghanaian co-workers told her that Accra was amazing and she would have so much fun there but she thought that it was overrated. However, I believe her co-workers were referring to the Accra nightlife. Either way many people sleep on Kumasi but I think it has a lot to offer as well as a rich culture. In my opinion, the power went out more when I was in Accra than when I was in Kumasi. However, my parents do live near a military base so I think that’s why.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting Mabel :-)!!!

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