Ghana 2015|Vlog #10|Wasting Time With the Seamster

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I am back with Ghana 2015|Vlog #10|Wasting Time With the Seamster.

This is my SHORTEST vlog ever. That’s because the day was uneventful and rather gloomy. Figuratively and literally. My dad went to the hospital, plus it was cloudy & rainy outside. Also, the power went out (dumsor dumsor) and we wasted a lot of time at the seamster’s.

My Dad

The day started off late because my mom, bro and sis in law took my dad to the hospital very early in the morning. In general, the hospital can be a very time consuming, even here in the U.S. However, in Ghana it can take the whole day without resolving anything. My dad has diabetes and at the time of my trip, he had one amputated leg. He had his first leg amputated shortly after my 2012 trip to Ghana with my brothers.

2012 Trip to Ghana

2012 Trip to Ghana

And then shortly after this recent 2015 trip (once I returned home), his second leg was amputated. Now back to this day, he went to to the hospital that morning to get his foot examined because it was turning black. That’s how his foot infection in 2012 started, resulting in amputation to stop the infection from spreading throughout his body. Seeing my dad during this trip made me extremely sad and his health issues weighed heavily on me. However, I am happy he is alive and that we were able to spend time with him. He also met my niece and sister in law for the first time which is great.

The Weather

 Overall, in comparison to my previous trips to Ghana, the weather throughout my trip was super cloudy. I haven’t been to Ghana during the rainy season since 2006 and even then it wasn’t s cloudy. The cloudiness was annoying. I am a summer baby (at heart) even though I was born in mid With that being said, I really need the sun to function. In addition, I like hot weather. On this day (like many mornings I woke up) it was  cool and cloudy. That’s not what I came to Ghana for. I rather wake up to sun and warmth. Bring on the heat baby! It rained on this day and just in general throughout my 12 day trip. #Annoying

The Seamster


There was a lot of miscommunication with this guy. We went to him because my brother Kwaku wanted to get matching outfits for his family such as my older brother Kofi did, see the picture below.

family pic So Kwaku wanted his wife to wear a similar outfit as my sis in law  pictured above on the left. He also wanted his daughter Morgan to wear a similar outfit as our niece London also pictured above on the left. He then wanted for himself an outfit like our brother Kofi pictured above on the right.

The Problems

Problem # 1: We only went to this seamster because we assumed he made these outfits (pictured above) for my brother Kofi & his family. He did make clothes for them last summer when they visited Ghana. However, not these specific outfits. Therefore, we really didn’t need to specifically go to him.

Problem # 2: He didn’t understand that my sis in law Paula and niece Morgan wanted a matching top and skirt. We even showed him this picture above in order to make this request clear. We also used the Ghanaian term kaba and slit which literally means top and skirt.

Problem #3: Instead, he made all three of them (my brother, his wife and my niece) matching white tops and white pants  just as my brother and his sons have on in the picture above. Why did he think it was okay to give my niece and sis in law men’s outfits? Why would they want to wear a white top and white pants typically worn by men? He claims that Paula & Morgan didn’t request a skirt and top. #BRUH

Problem# 4: He kept calling us to come pick up our clothes because they were “ready”.  However, each time time we arrived, he and his team were still sewing!!!

Problem #5: He was too expensive! Even after he messed up, he still required more money to correct his faults. For example, he asked for more money to purchase more cloth from the market since he had only bought  a little bit of cloth for the middle part of their matching tops. He now needed more money to purchase additional cloth for the kaba and slit that was originally requested for Paula & Morgan.

We left Kumasi early Saturday morning. Paula and Morgan did not get their outfits until late Friday evening. We went to his place so many times I just stopped vlogging it because it was it was getting silly & repetitive. Friday evening, he finally got Paula’s outfit right (as you can see above) but he didn’t get Morgan’s right. She was supposed to have a the exact same outfit as Paula (mom and daughter matching outfits). Instead of a long skirt like Paula, he made Morgan a knee length skirt. Also, he never made her top and that’s why she’s wearing the white top from the first outfit he mistakenly made her. He offered to make her a top like Paula’s but we were leaving the next day!  Kwaku, Paula and Morgan were so annoyed that they didn’t even try on their clothes until their family photo shoot weeks later in Maryland. Fortunately, their clothes fit them and the family pics are super cute. However, we will never go this seamster again nor would we recommend him to anyone. There are so many excellent seamstresses and seamsters  in Ghana. Of course it is important to make the clothes well but it’s also important to listen to the customer(s)and not waste their time  or money because this is a paid service. #StopplayinggamesSir

Twins-Amma & AbenaAmma &

So everyone kept saying that Paula and I look alike. I did some research while we were in Cape Coast (I just looked at the calendar year she was born, nothing major) and I found out that she was Tuesday born which is Abena (you can view the Akan name chart here). She started telling people her name was Abena. It was hilarious.

Photoshoot with the girls!

Mama GWhen we got home from wasting time at the seamster’s, the power was out. Dumsor Dumsor as they refer to it in Ghana. You can read all about what that is here.

AbenaAs a result, the girls (my mom and sis in law) and I had a little photo shoot fun.

hair did

It all started with me because I wanted someone to take a picture of me wearing my new bag I purchased here in Vlog 8 at the Ghana Cultural Centre in Kumasi. Ya girl was pressed!

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Have a wonderful and blessed week! Thank you for reading & watching! 🙂

~Amma Mama

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