Ghana 2015|Vlog #11| Manhyia Palace & Asantehene

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Below is my second to last vlog! I bring to you Ghana 2015|Vlog #11| Manhyia Palace & Asantehene.


My Last Day in Kumasi

This day was super busy because it was our last full day in Kumasi and second to last (full) day in Ghana! We left for Accra the next morning.

with the girls

The day kicked off with us visiting my Aunty Amma (my mom’s younger sister). She lives where my grandmother used to live (Ashtown, Kumasi) before she passed away in 2007.Ashtown-Kumasi

Summer of 2006

On my granny’s balcony summer of 2006. I hated this trip. The highlight of it was seeing the slave castles for the first time. During this month long trip, I didn’t do jack. In the morning, I would go to my grandma’s place with my mom. We would stay there from morning until evening. Then in the evening, we would go to my Uncle Charles’ bar Blue Banana, see below, my face says it all! #OverIt

Ghana 2006 outside of uncle Charles bar Blue Banana not doing JACK!

Ghana 2006 outside of uncle Charles bar Blue Banana not doing JACK!

While there, we would order  Fanta and/or beef or chicken kebab :-/ If you’re a Ghanaian parent reading this, please don’t think it’s cute for your kids/teens to only see relatives while visiting Ghana. That is extremely boring and they will hate you for it, trust me…lol I am just kidding about the hate part. However, it is very BORING so please don’t do that. I was 18 yrs old and this was my third trip to Ghana. I actually consider it to be my second trip because my first trip I was only three years old and I don’t remember a thing.  Anyways, this trip turned me OFF from Ghana. I didn’t return (nor did I did I have the desire to) until 2010 when I was 22 years old.Ashtown Kumasi

My mommy and her mommy!

I am named after my granny (my middle name). It was lovely spending time with her in 2006 because she passed away the next year. On my last day when I left in 2006, she was crying so much. It was really sad to see and it made me cry. I could tell she was going to really miss our company, especially my mom. I had a feeling I would never see her again and I was right. She died the following year. She didn’t speak or understand English and I don’t speak Twi  “flawlessly” . However, my mom would always translate for us both. Most of our convos consisted of her instructing me to marry a Ghanaian man…lol It was really sweet conversing with her but I wasn’t trying to be at her place everyday for a month. Like seriously? #Imjustsayin

Ashtown, Kumasi


Manhyia Palace Museum


Adrinka symbols are everywhere in Ghana. I love it!!


Visiting the Manhyia Palace Museum is a must do in Kumasi. I have been here way too many I have done the actual museum tour (with a tour guide) about three times. Definitely do the museum tour with a tour guide! It’s very educational and interesting. Not boring at all.

The Asantehene (Ashanti King) Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II lives in a palace behind the museum. I have met him twice because he is good friends with my dad. The last time I visited him was in 2012 with my mom & brothers. However, the pictures below are from my 2010 visit with my oldest brother Kofi.



Flexin with his cars. I blame my brother Kofi for this pic…lol #Posers

Ghana 2015|Vlog #11| Manhyia Palace & Asantehene

Posing next to the museum gate. #AdrinkaSymbols

Ghana 2015|Vlog #11| Manhyia Palace & Asantehene

  Manhyia Palace 2015

Anywho back to Ghana 2015 , we saw some peacocks in this vlog. According to my brother Kwaku, the peacock is Ghana’s national bird. However, I can’t find anything on google confirming that so I find him uncredible *side eye*. Regardless, they’re so pretty. I even noticed some at the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park so maybe there is some truth to Kwaku’s statement. I don’t doubt they have some sort of significance here in Ghana. If they do, please let a sista know because I’m too lazy to google again. #Cant #Notrightnow

Then we went to the seamstress Constance’s shop to pick up all our items. She and her team did an amazing job with myself and my sis in law’s cloths. I also gave her some cloth to make my BFF a skirt and dress. My bff LOVES her dress and skirt! She told me it’s the best sewing job a seamstress has ever done for her 🙂 Constance made me two dresses, two skirts and a top. Below are some of the clothes she made for me.


My BFF has this same skirt.

Ghana Angelina cloth

My bff also has this same Angelina cloth dress except it has sleeves.


I purchased this cloth from the Vlisco store inside of Accra Mall.


This pic is lowkey petty because you cannot see the full dress. However, you can see the cloth print which I love! I got this cloth from the Woodin store located in Adum, Kumasi. Hopefully, I can wear it again (before it gets cold) and this time get someone to take a full shot of it. It is such a cute dress.

Later on that evening, we went to my Uncle Yaw’s to visit and say goodbye. We then went to my mom’s neighbor’s to say hi and bye since we hadn’t visited her since arriving in Kumasi. And that seamster from Vlog 10 FINALLY gave my sis in law and my niece their

Anywho, next Monday is my last Ghana 2015 vlog upload. I’ve really enjoyed this blog series/web series. Thanks so much for watching my vlogs and reading my blog recap posts.

Before I go, I just want to share this beautiful throwback below of my mom and her dad. My mom was about 27 years old (my current age) in this pic and my grandad was about 80 I think. I just love vintage pics from Ghana <3

Amma Mama vintage photos

I am not sure how old she is in this pic below but I love her head-wrap and earrings! Can you believe I’ve never worn a head-wrap?! I don’t even know how to tie one.

Vintage photos from Ghana-Amma Mama

Below is my grandad in the middle with his wives. Then his kids are on the top and bottom rows. My mom is sitting in the bottom row. She’s the one that looks super grown and too big to be on that floor…lol And then next to her on the right is my Uncle Yaw and next to him on the right is my Auntie Amma. They’re both in this recent vlog as well as other vlogs. In this picture, there were some children not even born yet. My grandad had a lot of kids and wives. That’s why my mom has so many half siblings! I am always meeting a new “cousin” or aunt and uncle. My mom said her dad was rich and owned lots of land in Kumasi.

You can view more vintage photos that I found during my trip here.

Vintage photos from Ghana Amma Mama

Have a wonderful and blessed week!!!

~Amma Mama

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