Ghana 2015|Vlog #9|Getting My Natural Hair Done

Happy Monday!

I am back with Ghana 2015|Vlog #9|Getting My Natural Hair Done in Ghana.

I debated long and hard with whether or not I would get my hair done in Ghana. Primarily because the last time I got it done in Ghana, circa 2010, it wasn’t a good experience. In addition to it not being a terrible experience for me, I also lost my edges. Yes chile, my edges were gone. As a result, when I visited Ghana in 2012, I vowed to not get my hair done. I figured almost five years later after the 2010 fiasco that I’d give these Ghanaian hairstylists another shot. I couldn’t let three bad girls apples spoil the bunch. Yes it was three girls that messed me up in 2010.



I attempted to ask someone I know (a fellow Amma) for any recommendations because she’s lives in Accra (the capital). She always has her hair nicely braided and on fleek she appears to still have her edges. I dm’ed  her (via Instagram) before my trip and asked her for her hairstylist(s)  telephone number. My plan was to get my hair done as soon as I landed in Accra. Unfortunately, she was unable to get it for me (telephone numbers and cell phones change all the time in Ghana). I attempted to research hairstylist(s) in Accra that could handle natural hair but my research was unsuccessful. Now looking back, I think I could’ve done better research but I had other things to worry about and at the time. Plus, I thought Amma would come through with the number(s). Despite all of this, I washed my hair and blow dried it Friday night before my Monday flight to Ghana.



Even though  I didn’t have anyone to braid my hair and I still wasn’t sure if I wanted  to get it done, I took with me a picture of what I wanted. I printed out the above picture of fellow blogger Angel (1/2 of Nkem Life, one of my FAV blogs ever). She got these lovely Senegalese twists done in Nigeria. When I saw them, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted if I were to get my hair done in Ghana.


My sister in law Paula and I actually saw this ad at a store in Kumasi. Paula immediately said this is what she wanted, cornrows in the front that turned into big Senegalese twists in the back. She had brought a picture but took a picture of this ad (with her cell) because it was much clearer than the picture she had planned to show the stylists.

Research in Kumasi

My mom told me when were in Accra that she didn’t know anyone there because remember she doesn’t like Accra but when we got to Kumasi she could definitely find someone to do my hair because that is her territory. We asked my Aunty Amma who recommended someone. The appointment was set. However Kwabena, a family friend recommended someone that would come to our house. I preferred getting my hair done within the comfort of my home. He said he would pick the girl(s) up. He said she was really good.

The Hair

We looked all over Kumasi for X-pressions hair. It’s not that we couldn’t find it but the problem was finding it in our color and finding enough packs for both of us to purchase. We both needed to get four packs each. We ended up getting Obaa Simma (see Vlog 8) which seemed to be available everywhere and in great quantity. Everyone we spoke with at the various hair stores we visited & even my auntie Amma  assured us that it was just as good as X-pressions. At this point, Paula and I didn’t care anymore. We had been searching all day for Xpressions because we know it’s light (as in not heavy like some other hair brands). However, we were tired and so was my mom. She basically told us to just get the Obaa Simma hair because she wasn’t going with us to anymore stores to look for X-pressions.

Finally Getting my Hair Done!

So 9 days into my trip I FINALLY got my hair done. I am not sure if it’s best for an individual to do their hair when they arrive in order to avoid worrying about it throughout the trip. Or if it’s better to get it done closer to departure so they can come back looking fresh from the motherland. Personally, I wanted to get my hair done as soon as I landed. The last thing I want to worry about on vay k is my hair. However, I am glad I got it done when I did because I came back to Maryland looking cute with that that motherland glow. I think it’s best to come with a protective style and then take it out and get a fresh do before leaving. That is what Paula did. She came with her Heat Free Hair “For Kurls” Collection (a protective style she had in my previous vlogs before this one). The night before we got our hair done, I removed the Heat Free hair for her and then she washed & conditioned her hair. She then let it air dry. I did the same thing she did in 2010. I came with a protective style (kinky twists), took them out, then washed and conditioned my hair. Back in 2010, I was a few months post big chop so my hair was much shorter. When it was short, I used to air dry it all the time after washing it. See my picture from my 2010 visit below. In this pic, I had just air dried and combed my hair.


Almost six years after my big chop, I now always blow dry my hair after washing it. It just makes ish easier. However, I felt some kind of way about blow drying my hair in Ghana. I just felt it would be too much action & too time consuming hence why I did it before I left. As a result of waiting 9 days to get my hair done, the humidity and sweat swelled up my roots. My roots were very matted and it didn’t help that my ends were raggedy and  I needed a trim. That, plus my braids being super long (down to my waist) and small is the reason why my hair took so long to do .

What did I miss?

Another shot

Paula was taking pics  since she was done her hair before me. She snapped a lot of these pictures. She ate and played with the dogs. I just wanted to be free and play too, not with the dogs though…lol

Blessed and unbothered

My niece’s face says she is “blessed and unbothered” as Jouelzy always

She was actually upset earlier that day and was  giving everyone the silent treatment because she wanted to get her hair braided too but couldn’t. #Kids

lizardCan you see the gecko?

Playing with doggies

My mom’s dogs.

moms dogs

moms dogsInterestingly enough, my dislike of dogs (and animals in general) stems from my mother. In Ghana, dogs are used for protection and not love & affection *Future voice*. That is why my mom and many of my uncles own dogs. In 2013, my parents’ home was robbed as they slept. So that is why they got these dogs. Coincidentally, I was also robbed in 2013. Well technically my brother Kwaku was robbed because his items were the only things stolen. However, I was home alone when the robber broke into our house. #SCARY, you can read my full testimony here. Anywho, these dogs are puppies and quite small. I am not sure who they’re supposed to protect because they’re scared of people…lol

My Final Thoughts

 hair did

These ladies were great & professional. I would definitely let them do my hair again. However, I would bring a better picture for them to really accurately see the size I want. These twists were way too small, I didn’t want them this small. I showed them Angel’s picture on my laptop and via the picture I printed out. However, I don’t think they could clearly see the size of her twists.

I kept these Senegalese twists in way too long. For six weeks and they definitely pulled out my edges, not as bad as 2010 though. I don’t think it was the hairstylists’ fault. I think the ponytail I constantly held them in didn’t help. I was also doing Zumba and sweating a lot. As a result, I know there was a lot of build up in my hair weighing it down and making it heavy on my edges. It didn’t help that I didn’t wash my hair again before getting it done. I  know I should’ve taken them out after four weeks because I know how sensitive my edges are. That’s what Paula did, she took her twist out after about only three weeks. My edges were snatched, literally. I’ve seen worse damage on my edges though and this too shall They’re actually growing in since I took these pictures about three weeks ago. #GodISonmyside #IcantLose #Godishealingmyedges 🙂

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Happy Labor Day and thank you for reading. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Have a blessed week!

~Amma Mama

  • Melissa
    September 7, 2015

    Hello Amma,

    I am loving your twists! They are very neat. The ladies did a great job.

    My edges fall out regardless of the braider but it falls out more when it is too tight. I just deal with it and give my edges more love 🙂

    I enjoy looking at your family pictures. They are lovely. Keep them coming.

    Thanks Amma 🙂

    • ammamama
      September 9, 2015

      Hey Melissa!!
      Thank you 🙂 Yes they really did a great job. I was very pleased with my hair. I didn’t even want to take it out 🙁
      Yes same! Unfortunately, my edges have gotten so weak over the years. I’m tryna give them lots of love right now but I am super lazy when it comes to giving my hair some Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed them. I’ll be sure to keep them coming 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy the rest of your week and be blessed <3

  • Ama Kyei
    September 9, 2015

    They did a nice job! I know the apprehension that comes with getting your hair done in Ghana. They’re so great at the craft but risking hair damage is not worth it. But that ‘freshfromGhana’ glow with a fresh set of braids can’t be beat!

    • ammamama
      September 9, 2015

      Hey Mabel!
      Thank you! Girl yes I was so conflicted. Do I come back looking like an African princess with the risk of losing my edges? Or do I come back looking as basic as I did when I first left? #TheStruggle Next time I’ll make sure to get them much bigger. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  • kerdishastlouis
    September 10, 2015

    this is my first time on your blog lol i dont even quite know how i got here but let me just say i LOVE it you have an amazingly fresh and blunt personality lol …your hair is great too. i really enjoy reading your posts and cant wait for more. keep being fierce <3

    • ammamama
      September 13, 2015

      Aww thanks so much for the kind words. Totally made my day 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for following.

  • Melissa
    September 10, 2015

    Your hair is beautiful! Fresh braids from Ghana, go girl.


    • ammamama
      September 13, 2015

      Thank you Melissa <3
      I love your style & blog!

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