The Perfect Guy Movie Review

Happy TGIF!

I am back with another Out ‘N’ About post (a sub category under Life). My bestie and I saw The Perfect Guy starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and barely Morris Chesnut.

the perfect guy

I am a big Saana Lathan fan. I’ve loved her ever since Brown Sugar. I used to watch that movie every weekend on VHS back in high school. I adore her even though I think she is typecast. My bestie wanted to drool over see Morris Chesnut so we made it a date. We went to the AMC Center Park 8 movie theatre in Beltsville, Maryland. I would definitely recommend this theatre because of the reclining chairs and assigned seats. It has a nice cozy and intimate feel to it. Look at those yummy seats below!

For my bestie and I, this is our childhood movie theatre. We’ve seen it all there! I remember us being dropped off to see Tarzan and many other films. We have history with this theatre. We’ve been patrons since we were little girls and before we could even afford to pay for our own tickets. We’ve seen this theatre come a long way from being busted and smelly. We’ve see the miracle of its UPGRADE and come up firsthand even though we never thought renovations would happen. #LookAtGod #Wonthedoit

Below are my random thoughts while watching the movie and afterwards.

My Random Thoughts

  1. Michael Ealy is always acting crazy! Remember he went crazy in Their Eyes Were Watching God? He was also crazy in For Colored Girls? Sanaa Lathan said in anΒ  interview with the View (read here) that she was scared of Michael during filming. I was scared of him while watching so I am not surprised. I kept covering my face with my jean jacket because he played crazy a little too well. *Side eye*crazy
  2. This movie is extremely predictable. It played out just like the commercials. I mean seriously.
  3. ***SPOILER ALERT*** One thing I didn’t predict nor did I expect was for Michael Ealy’s character to murder Morris Chestnut’s character. I wasn’t expecting that and I didn’t like it either. It didn’t sit well with my spirit and I didn’t like the movie much after that. Yes I am that petty and sensitive. So what?
  4. Sanaa Lathan looked great. Her hair was laid and she was snatched from head to toe. I love her!
  5. Sanaa Lathan acts the same in ALL her movies. She plays the same type of woman and she cries the same tears. I felt like I had seen her play this role time and time again. *yawn*
  6. How old is Morris Chesnut?Β  He looks good. I googled his age after the movie. He is 46. Where did a decade go?
  7. Last year to the date, we were watching anotherΒ  suspense thriller (starring black people) No Good Deed at the same theatre. What a coincidink.
  8. These nachos and cheese with jalapeno are so good! #yummy

Final Thoughts

The Perfect Guy

The movie was okay, not a MUST see. However, if you have money to splurge on an overpriced movie ticket and you want to get out the house, go for it! It wasn’t terrible but just okay and predictable. I am glad the bopsie twins saw it together. It gave us something to do and we got Cold Stone ice cream afterwards.

A coffee, cheesecake,crushed cone and crushed brownie ice cream (mixed together) kind of day.

11358304_918031034937396_67743074_n Bopsie Twins!

bospie twins

Have you seen The Perfect Guy? What did you think?

Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading & have a blessed weekend πŸ™‚

~Amma Mama

  • Elodie
    September 18, 2015

    That movie was barely ok. Lol so mediocre. Predictable and the story line had no originality. Lols Michael Ealy is always playing crazy. Did u see him in the entire last season of the following? It was all about him and his psychotic way jeeeezooooossssss! After I saw this I was like hmmmmmm Michael Ealy oh…. What’s good? What are you not telling us? Lol

    • ammamama
      September 22, 2015

      Hey Elodie!
      Lol at at “jeeeezooooossssss” I can hear you saying that. I agree with your analysis totally. Though, I haven’t seen the Following. I am so un-hip to these shows. All I watch is the ID channel. Anywho, thanks for weighing in πŸ™‚

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