Vintage Family Photos from Ghana

Happy #TBT (throwback Thursday)!

In honor of #tbt and my Ghana 2015 vlog series here on my blog, I decided to post some vintage family photos from Ghana that I found during my recent trip.  They’re all of my mom and some of my oldest brother Kofi. He was born in Ghana and came to the US when he was 18 years old.  A week before he came, I found out I had another I was about four years old. Anywho, I am just going to start this post with my FAVORITE picture. See below!

Vintage  Photos from Ghana

afrikan kweenMy mom and oldest brother Kofi.

I love my mommy’s head-wrap. It’s on fleeK as the kiddies say. I’ve seen this cloth she’s wearing a lot. I just saw someone wear it recently and she mentioned when asked that it was from Ghana (she’s Black American). I did a little digging to find out the story behind this cloth since different cloths have different meanings. I googled “ghana wax cloth with bird on it”. And this is what I found courtesy of blogger Naa Oyoo Quartey. She has an excellent post here explaining the meaning behind popular cloths.

Cloth Name: Sika Wo Antaban

Meaning: Money has wings is the translation for this fabric. Money indeed flies where it wants to go. If you don’t handle it well, it will fly from you.

famMy mommy, my oldest brother Kofi on the left and my cousin Pinamang on the right.

This picture was taken in 1976. My cousin and brother were born days apart (literally) and they were raised together. The picture was taken in Ashtown, Kumasi at my grandmother’s residence. My auntie Amma currently lives at that same residence and I visit it every time I travel to Ghana. You can see it here in Ghana 2015|Vlog #11| Manhyia Palace & Asantehene.


According to my mom, this picture was taken in 1971 or 1972. It was taken by a photographer named Yaw Mosi. He passed away many years ago. He used to have a studio in Ashtown, Kumasi where this picture was taken.

fro on fleek

My mommy!

grandad and momMy granddad on the left (I think he was 80) and my  mom at 27 on the right.

I NEED that dress in my life.

mommyMama G again, beautiful.

My mom said this was taken in 1974 again by the late photographer Yaw Mosi in his studio in Ashtown, Kumasi.

fam picThat’s my grandad in the middle with his wives.

This picture was taken sometime in the 60s. It was taken in my grandfather’s village of Achiase, Ghana. He had just built a Methodist church meaning he provided the funds for it to be built. He was wealthy with lots of land and lots of women. This picture was taken at the church’s grand opening. My grandfather is in the middle row surrounded by his multiple wives who are also in the middle row. His children (some not born yet) are in the top and bottom rows. My mom is on the floor in the middle right below him. She’s the one that looks super grown and too big to be on that floor…lol  Next to her on the right is my Uncle Yaw and next to him on the right is my Auntie Amma They’re both in my latest vlog Ghana 2015|Vlog #11| Manhyia Palace & Asantehene.

I’ll be posting my last Ghana 2015 vlog on Monday. You can watch the previous Ghana 2015 vlogs here.

Have a blessed day 🙂

~Amma Mama

  • Rebecca Pyuzza
    September 24, 2015

    I love the vintage photos…. and momsi just looks gorgeous as always…

  • Aaya
    September 24, 2015

    yaasssss Mama G is killin’ the game #AfricanExcellence #Werk… love this post bopz 🙂

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