Scion Restaurant Review

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Today’s post is an Out ‘N’ About post. It’s a Scion Restaurant review.

Scion Restaurant Review


Scion Restaurant Silver Spring

Poinsettia (Glass)

Individual glass of champagne with cranberry juice

It was so good I ordered a second glass. It also left me with a nice buzz. I was all tingles and giggles. The kind of buzz I like.

StarterScion Restaurant Silver Spring Review

Potato Nachos

Breakfast Potatoes Smothered with Bacon, Cheese, Tomatoes and Fried Jalapeno

This was so good and I didn’t expect anything less because many people  were raving about it on Yelp. Some commented that it was a MUST ORDER and I 1,000% agree!!


Scion Restaurant Review Silver Spring
Topped with Honey Glazed Bananas. Served with Bacon
My French toast was not cooked well. I like my French toast well done. I do not like when it’s soggy and super soft in certain areas.  It tasted like it needed to be cooked longer and it reminded me of frozen French toast out the box. I ate it because I was starving but I made sure to cut off those soft uncooked pieces. I don’t think I would order their French toast again just because of that.


Egg A La Carte

Any Style, Cooked to Order.

For this, I ordered a side of cheddar cheese scrambled eggs pictured above on the left. I ordered just one egg. I think this item (a choice off egg) should’ve come with the meal as the bacon did. I don’t think I should’ve had to order it separately. Nonetheless, it was so good and one egg was sufficient.

Final Thoughts

I am not sure how old this Silver Spring location is because I know there is a Dupont Circle (Washington DC) location which came first. President Obama took his supporters there for lunch back in 2012 (read here), how cool? The DC location was also Best of DC’s  First Place Winner for Best New Restaurant 2010. I would imagine the DC location is crowded. This Silver Spring location was not and I read similar reviews on Yelp about it not usually being crowded. I arrived at about 2:45pm (keep in mind it was a Saturday) and it was empty with just a handful of people. That’s good because the restaurant isn’t large. It’s fairly small and intimate. It looks clean and brand new. The decor is simple and chic with great lighting. It’s perfect for pictures. #InstagramFlex


my girls and i

I enjoyed celebrating my 28th birthday brunch there. Since it wasn’t crowded, the ambiance was perfect. At one point, my girls and I were the only guests there #perfect. There was also a nice bar area with a TV.  I also think the food items were reasonably priced. You can view their brunch menu and prices here. All in all, it was great and I will be going back!!!! Especially for those potato nachos. It’s Wednesday (11/25), four days after my birthday and I can’t stop thinking about them…lol

my girls

BIG thanks to my girls Aaya(left) and Becs (right) pictured above for treating me to a lovely brunch. May God bless ya’ll and replenish your funds double. LOVE ya’ll, thank you <3

Happy Thanksgiving in advance and thank you for reading. If you’re looking for good food in Silver Spring away from the busy, overpopulated Downtown Silver Spring area, try Scion Restaurant!! Oh yea, there are two parking garages across the street (very short walking distance) from the restaurant and they’re FREE on weekends! #Winning


Yelp Reviews

(This Silver Spring location currently has 4 out of 5 stars!)

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~Amma Mama

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