Freetress Water Wave Hair Review

Happy Blessed Wednesday!

I’m on my fourth week of having my crochet braids with FreeTress Water Wave Hair in. I now feel qualified to discuss the pros and cons of this hair. I will also share pictures of it week by week. I’ll start with the pros!


  1. My natural hair is protected. It’s freezing now so I’m glad my natural hair is tucked away.
  2. It gets better with time. The older this hair gets, the more natural the curls look.
  3. It’s shrinking. It was super big before because I used eight packs of hair. It’s finally shrinking down.
  4. It’s cute. I like it even more after I put make up on and get dolled up.
  5.  Zumba friendly. I’m able to work out with it.


  1. It’s too much hair. It’s always in the way and  my head is literally hot sometimes. Sometimes feel like a mop head. In a few weeks, my stylist will cut it down and shape it for me. I ‘ll share pictures when she does.
  2. It gets easily matted. Every morning I have to take my time and untangle this hair because it’s messy and matted together. I can’t just wake up, shake and go with this hair. During the night, it really clumps together.
  3. Frizz. At times, it gets really frizzy at times and looks a bit messy/unkempt. When that happens, I usually use this product (which I will insert into this post later because I need to confirm the name of it).


Week #1

Week # 2

During week 2, I started rocking the middle part. I prefer it to the the side part. I appreciate that my stylist gave me these two options when she was installing the FreeTress Water Wave Hair for me.

Week # 3

Crochet Braids with FreeTress Water Wave Hair

I previously shared here that I felt very Janet Jackson 80s big hair don’t care when I first got it done. Now I feel modern and it now reminds me of Kelly Rowland’s curls down below.


Photo Source: Google

Photo Source: Google


My Final Thoughts

I would probably use FreeTress Water Wave Hair again but not this many packs. I used eight full packs and a little bit of nine.

Stylist Info

meet my stylist darlynda

My stylist Darlynda is located in Bowie, MD. I am always referring strangers and my blog readers to her. Some actually go to her salon and those that do always love their hair. I just referred a reader who emailed me last month ( for my Darlynda’s info. She then went to her for crochet braids with Marley hair (similar style here). She loves Darlynda and plans to return to her. Click here (scroll from the bottom up) to see previous crochet braids that my Darlynda did for me using Marley hair. She is awesome! Below is her Style Seat page and Instagram.

Style Seat


Her telephone number is on her Style Seat page. Text her to book an appointment or email her at

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day.

~Amma Mama



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