My Top 6 Blogger Moments of 2015


I am so happy and blessed to see 2016. I wanted to share my top 5 blogger moments of 2015. These moments were the highlight of my blogging year. I am looking forward to all that God has in store for and for the wonderful people I will connect with this year. Thank you for reading my blog in 2015. I hope you stick around for 2016. I have a lot of great things in store for this space 🙂

Now let’s get started with this list which is not in any particular order.

1. Vlogging in Ghana

top 5 blogger moments of 2015

Vlogging in Ghana was everything! I’ve been saying since maybe 2014 (I think) that I wanted to vlog the next time I visit Ghana. I had been saying for YEARS that I wanted to buy a DSLR camera. I went to Best Buy and finally purchased a Nikon D550. I went to Ghana this past June and despite feeling a little shy sometimes, I vlogged everyday of my 12 day trip with my new camera! You can watch my Ghana vlogs  here. I love receiving email or YouTube comments such as the ones below regarding traveling in Ghana. I am so glad that my  Ghana recap posts and Ghana vlogs can put first timers traveling to Ghana and other countries in Africa at ease. Because we all know that the media primarily portrays only one side of Africa and Africans.

  2. Jouelzy Shout Out

If you know me or my blog, you may know that I am a big fan of blogger/vlogger Jouelzy. I have been following her since 2013 after I attended her 4c natural hair workshop at the Philly natural hair show. Up until then, I did not know of her. However, during the workshop I found her to be so knowledgeable and real. Immediately after I returned home from Philly, I literally followed her on all her social media networks. I then binge watched many of her YouTube videos. She’s awesome and definitely a blogger/vlogger/businesswoman I admire. I was totally taken aback with this recent shout out above! You can view her full video African American in West Africa: First Impressions here.

3.  The Nana Project Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kirstie Kwarteng, the founder of The Nana Project. A wonderful and meaningful organization that pays respect to Ghanaian elders and stresses the importance of Ghanaians learning our history through the story telling of our elders. From this interview, I learned a lot about interviewing, filming, editing and the importance of Ghanaian history via our elders (parents, uncles aunts and etc.) I’m look forward to more doing more interviews in 2016 as well as getting the proper equipment so that they are seamless and flawless. I love these comments below that I received regarding The Nana Project and its mission.

4. Zuvaa Magazine Writer

my top 5 blogger moments of 2015

I was hired as a writer for Zuvaa online magazine. I’ve written two articles so far here and here. I am looking forward to writing more great articles and growing as a writer this year! I am also honored to be apart of a growing company making a huge splash in the African fashion world.

5. Nikon D5500

top 5 blogger moments

I finally bought a DSLR camera. I purchased this camera from Best Buy right before I left for Ghana. My goal is to learn to shoot in manual and take professional pictures. I want to become an amazing and paid photographer. By God’s grace and my efforts, this will happen in 2016 in Jesus name!

6. Readers and Supporters

top 6 blogger moments

Myself & one of my blog readers/supporters Melissa at Fest Africa 2015.

I always enjoy reading the comments that Melissa (pictured on the left) leaves under some of my blog posts. She’s been subscribed to my blog by email for two years now! It was so nice to finally put a face with her post comments. She approached me at Fest Africa 2015 to say hi and tell me that she enjoys my blog. It truly made my day. It was such a pleasure meeting her and chatting with her. She reminded me that real people read my blog and find the information that I share useful. That’s a blessing in itself.

So that’s all folks, those were my top 5 blogger moments of 2015. I am grateful for these moments and I am looking forward to growing and expanding in 2015! Thank you so much for reading, supporting, stopping by, and HAPPY BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! Also happy first Monday of 2016! God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

  • Whitney Q
    January 5, 2016

    Well done! And in 2016 it will be even better!!!

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