Woman Crush Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday!

On social media, Wednesdays are reserved for women crushes hence the abbreviation WCW (Women Crush Wednesday). These ladies below always inspire me every time I visit Ghana. I could NOT do what they do. As in physically nor mentally. It’s a balancing act. However, they do what they need to do in order to survive and support their families. They also carry their loads with such grace. It’s very hard for me to not act like a tourist by whipping out my camera and or cellphone to take a photo of them. I try not to get their faces because that is  invasive. However, to say I am not fascinated is a lie. I have been to Ghana six times and the sight of these women carrying their load on their heads or their babies on their backs always AMAZES me. It also inspires me, humbles me, and makes me feel grateful for all that I have. Just when I think I have such a load here in the states, I see these women and can’t help but think whatever my load is doesn’t compare to their load. I have seen these women carry all sorts of large items on their heads. These pictures do not truly display the large loads my eyes have seen. Unfortunately, I am never able to get good shots of them. However, I am sharing what I have managed to  capture over the years. These women are hard workers and I believe women hold up half the sky. I watched this documentary Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide on PBS years ago. It showcases strong women from all around the world (not just Africa). Women just like these women below who carry a load and work extremely hard for their families and to survive. I think the full documentary is on Netflix, it’s worth the watch. You can view the trailer here.


Kumasi 2008

This was taken right outside of my parents home by my brother Kwabena.

kumasi ghana


Adum, Kumasi 2010

I took these pictures in 2010 on a busy street of Adum which is considered downtown Kumasi.

Adum Kumasi

Adum Kumasi

Adum Kumasi

Ghana 2015


VIP Bus Station (Accra–>Kumasi)

Accra vip bus station

I took this while on the VIP bus from Accra to Kumasi. I know, he’s not a woman but I wanted to add him in.

heading to Kumasi


Ashtown, Kumasi

Ashtown, Kumasi


Ashtown Kumasi

Ashtown Kumasi

Welp those are my WCW’s for today! Have a blessed day and thank you for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama




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