An African City: Episode 204-The List

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Today’s post is all about An African City: Episode 204-The List. This was my favorite episode since Episode 201- Another Return. Check out my recap of that episode here. Below is my commentary along with my BFF. We always watch it separately and then chat about it afterwards.

An African City Episode 204-The List

This week’s episode opened up with the ladies chatting and dining at The Cupcake Boutique Ghana. Recently, I watched a CNN African-Start Up segment here about this restaurant, truly inspiring. I must try their cupcakes the next time I’m in Accra. The reviews here on Trip Advisor are also excellent, another plus!

An African City Episode 204-The List

An African City Episode 204-The List


Nana Yaa

An African City Episode 204-The List

My Thoughts: Nana Yaa’s new boo Edem (played by Mawuli Gavor) is FOINE! Yes I am just gonna get right into that first. LordT, he’s yummy! Look at him!! Just scrumptious! His arms tho! Chile!

An African City Episode 204-The List

I really wanted them to work just because he’s fine and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at him. However, he was not serious at all! I can’t fault Nana Yaa for giving him the boot. Though, I can’t say I would’ve done the same…lol Just kidding *side eye*. Well at least not that soon *insert sly face emoji*. All lust jokes aside, ladies NEVER EVER trust a man that is not officially divorced. MAJOR red flag and MAJOR side eye to whatever lies he tells you.

major side eye gif

My BFF: Nana Yaa needs to drop this loser. I knew he was too good to be true. He’s not worth her energy no matter how “foine” he is. She’s giving him a pass because he’s sexy.

ZainabAn African City Episode 204-The List

My Thoughts: Zainab is one of my FAVORITE characters on the show (her and Nana Yaa) so I am rooting for her to find love in a fine black man! Or at least a normal guy…lol She did the right thing by letting this CREEP go. I don’t care that he was the “first of his class in Legon”. He and his disgusting fetish had to go. Please exit stage left immediately!

exit stage left

My BFF: They are doing Zainab dirty but I’m sure returnees can relate to some of these dating stories. I feel like African men don’t know how to date. You’re either their mistress or wife, there’s no middle zone.


My Thoughts: Ngozi is my least favorite but she’s starting to become hilarious to me. Her facial expressions this episode were on point! She reminds me of  Joan from Girlfriends.

My BFF: Yass Ngozi’s style has been giving me life, she’s like an underdog on the show but she is bringing it. Now they just need to give her a story line with some substance.

Makena and Stephan

An African City Episode 204-The List

I just thought this scene of them sharing a plate of joloff rice in the work break room was super cute. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Makena learned that greeting people in Ghana goes a long way especially in the workplace. I agree! Ghanaians are big on greetings and Stephan had to school her in regards to that.

And I guess that’s why dream lists are important. They remind you not only of what you want but of who you are.

-Nana Yaa Episode 204-The List

Did you guys see Episode 204? What did you think?!

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Make that list ladies but don’t let the list make you! Don’t compromise you’re self worth even if he’s as FOINE as Edem, chile…lol #StayStrong *pumps black fist emoji in the air*

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

~Amma Mama

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  • Amma
    March 17, 2016

    So me and my roomieloverfriend also watch this together… and me and her had a whole entire conversation about the fetish thing. My thing was, if he’s a wonderful guy— like legit meets all of your non-negotiables, and he has a weird obsession then you have to work around it. That’s compromise lol! but my roomie disagreed… lol! I also love Zainab and I just want her to win… she ain’t got no man, she bout died from malaria, she cant get no sleep… like her struggle life is killing me slowly. She. Must. Win. LOL!

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