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Happy Monday!

I have been asked a few times online and in person who sews my African print clothing, see below.

My blog stats below inform me that many people visit or read my blog particularly for my posts about African attire or Kente cloth. It pleases me to know that I am a reliable source for some when it comes to African clothing. I enjoy talking about it and I will continue to share my knowledge as well as my seamstress Janet because she is great.

A majority of my African clothing was made in Ghana, see here. However, I have sewn three skirts, two tops and one dress here in MD. A total of six things made by my seamstress Janet. My mom lived in the US for over 30 years but ALWAYS got her clothing made in Ghana. She refused to make anything here (especially not her beloved Kente outfits) because she says the seamstresses here are too expensive and {lowkey} she doesn’t think their quality of work is as good as the seamstresses in Ghana.

meet my seamstress janet

I do think many seamstresses here in MD are expensive. However, the cost of living here is higher than it is Ghana and folks gotta eat.


Due to my mom’s refusal to go to a seamstress in the states, growing up I never wore cute African attire as some of my peers did. The picture above is as good as it got back then. I always received outfits from my mom or aunts returning from visits to Ghana. However, they were usually ugly or didn’t fit me. As a result, my mom thought I didn’t like African attire. That was partially true but only because I never liked what she and my aunts brought back for me. From the fit, to the cloth choices, right down to the designs, the outfits were always wrong and never my style.

Meeting Janet


Back in 2011, I was asked to be a hostess in a church member’s wedding. The bride gave me a cloth to sew for my hostess dress. She didn’t care what style I chose for my dress but she wanted me to use that particular cloth. My BFF was also asked to be a hostess but she got the cloth some guests were given because the bride ran out of the hostess cloths (hence why our cloths above are different). The bride recommended a seamstress at our church named Janet. She said Janet would be sewing a few of the other hostesses’  dresses. I didn’t know Janet even though we attended the same church. I didn’t know the quality of  her work but the bride and another hostess said she was good so I entrusted my dress with her.

My Dress

meet my seamstress Janet (1)

My dress above was perfect fit wise. She did an excellent job. I was pleased with her work. My memory is fuzzy but I think this dress was $65.00 at the time.

meet my seamstress Janet

My BFF wasn’t too crazy about the fit of her dress in the chest area.

meet my seamstress janet

 As a result, she hasn’t been to Janet since she was a hostess in 2011. She’s still on the search for the right seamstress to get her fit right. I on the other have had Janet make me three skirts since the 2011 hostess dress, see my skirts below. I have also had her fix dresses and skirts I got made during past trips to Ghana.

My Nsu Bra Skirt (made in 2014)


This skirt above was $45.00.

My Angelina Skirt (made in 2015)

Another Nsu Bra Skirt (made in 2015)

cloth meaning nsu bra

The last two skirts above were $50.00 each, a total of $100.

Off Shoulder Tops 2016

Summer Trend Alert Off Shoulder Styles-AllThingsAmmaMama

Crown Braids with Fishtail Braid-London's Beautii-Bowie hairstylist-natural hair-protective styles.

Eleganza Fashions

eleganza fashions hyattsville maryland

Inside Eleganza Fashions

I purchased the fabric for my skirts and first off shoulder top above at Eleganza Fashions in Hyattsville, MD. Each fabric was $25.00 for six yards. You can view their fabric selections here on their Facebook page and even order by phone. Below is their address and telephone number.

Address: 2045 University Blvd East (behind Dunkin Donuts), Hyattsville, MD 20783

Outfits For My Hairstylist

Janet is so good that I  even referred my hairstylist Darlynda to her. She had a bunch of clothes she got made in Ghana one summer. These clothes had terrible cheap zippers that kept getting stuck (she couldn’t even zip her clothing) and Janet replaced those zippers for my hairstylist. She also replaced the zippers on one of my skirts that I got made in Ghana last summer. In addition to replacing Darlynda’s zippers, she altered some of her dresses. She also made her some skirts, an off shoulder top and a cape jacket, see some of the pieces below.

meet my stylist janet-seamstress-dmv-ankara print-hyattsville maryland

London's Beautii-Bowie Maryland- DMV Faux Locs-DMX Goddess Locs (2)

This pink, white, and green fabric pictured above for my hairstylist‘s off shoulder top was purchased from Eleganza Fashions.

Seamstress Tips

  1. Always go to a seamstress that you’ve seen quality work from.
  2. Take with you a CLEAR and descriptive picture of what you want made.
  3. Bargain and try to make a deal (if the price is too expensive for you) but also understand seamstresses work to live.
  4. Once your clothing is made,try it on with the seamstress there and address all fitting issues immediately so it can be fixed right then and there. Don’t leave with your clothing if you’re not satisfied with the fit.
  5. Lie Tell the seamstress you need the outfit sooner than you really do. Don’t be too anxious and give an unreasonable and short timeframe but definitely lie say you need it sooner than you actually do.

Janet’s Contact Info

Phone:240-784-6016/ 301-779-2329


Thank you for reading and have a blessed week! It’s getting warm and March is tomorrow!!!!!!

~Amma Mama

  • Melissa
    February 29, 2016

    Hello Amma,

    You look so cute as a kid with your attire! You all look lovely.

    I rarely find anything for myself when I try to find a nice skirt from an African festival. I prefer a pencil or more fitted skirt for myself.

    Thanks for giving us information for a local seamstress.

    P.S. I know Ghana’s independence is coming up this week. Will you be celebrating it? There is an event at Howard University on March 5th. I will be there. Hope to see you Amma!

    • ammamama
      March 2, 2016

      Hey Melissa!
      Thank you and my pleasure 🙂
      Yea those festivals usually don’t have pencil skirts or fitted pieces, so true.
      Yes a lot of people are going to the Howard event. I heard last year’s Independence event there was awesome. This year looks even bigger and better. Lots of great musical acts too. I won’t be attending but I know you will have a great time. I think a few of my friends are even going.
      Have fun and be safe 🙂

  • Mabel
    March 1, 2016

    A good seamstress in America is like you’ve found gold. And then you don’t want to share her information because then she’ll be too busy to take your orders in a timely fashion! Or, you want to mentally gloat at the idea that you’ve got the hookup!
    Lol! But Janet is great, and you’ve picked some perfect prints for her to play with:) Thanks for sharing!

    • ammamama
      March 2, 2016

      Lol so true though!! Even when my mom saw the quality of the birthday skirt she made me, she was shocked. She said Janet did a good job. She really believed there were not any good seamstresses here. smh…lol
      Thanks Mabel boo!

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