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Today’s post features my favorite restaurant Founding Farmers. It’s a lovely restaurant to dine outdoors at especially during the spring and even during the summer (when it’s not too hot). Founding Farmers has three locations in the DMV, see here.

Founding Farmers outdoor seating

I prefer the Potomac location to the DC location because parking is convenient and free, the restaurant is less crowded and the space is bigger. Plus the wait time is shorter and Potomac has outdoor seating which I LOVE to do when the weather permits.

The Beginning


I have been dining at Founding Farmers since March 14, 2010. I went there with my brother and niece after touring the White House. Founding Farmers in DC is located just three blocks west of the White House. During my first visit (six years ago), I ordered the Turkey with arugula, gruyere and honey mustard sandwich with a side of fries. Since then, the ingredients and name have changed on the menu. It’s now listed as the “Roasted Turkey & Cheddar”. I have yet to try that but below is what I used to order.

Turkey Sandwich

Founding Farmers Turkey with arugula, gruyere and honey mustard sandwich

Founding Farmers Turkey with arugula, gruyere and honey mustard sandwich

This turkey sandwich was my everything! Its quality in taste changed over the years. It wasn’t good as it used to be but I still ordered it. Occasionally it would hit the the spot like it used to.


Founding Farmers cheeseburger

I ordered their cheeseburger once with a side of fries and it was delicious! It wasn’t regular American cheese on my burger. I can’t remember the cheese but it was good and so was the sauce that came with it.

Mac and Cheese

founding farmers mac and cheese

I ordered their mac and cheese a few times. It’s a hit or miss. I told my sister to order it when I took her there for Mother’s Day last year and she didn’t like it. It was a miss that day.

Fried Chicken Salad

I have order their fried chicken salad NUMEROUS times for lunch and dinner. Whether it’s on a plate or in a bowl, the flavor and taste never fail me! Though, I do think they give a larger portion served in the bowl versus the plate. #Imjustsayin

Founding Farmers Fried chicken salad

founding farmers fried chicken salad


Another “it never ever failed me”  item on their menu is their cornbread! I always order it for my appetizer. It has fresh (non overcooked) corn kernels baked inside of it. Along with the cornbread comes a side of butter in a small cup of honey!

Oh my! *Ques* Delegations-Oh Honey 

foodgasm gif 2

That honey and butter combination spread across that warm cornbread is everything hunty, let me tell you! Everyone I introduce to Founding Farmers loves it! They literally get HOOKED on that cornbread. The picture below doesn’t do all its yummy awesomeness glory justice. Whenever I order it, I have to be careful or else I will get full from it before my entrée arrives…lol

founding farmers cornbread


Their brunch is ok! I have had their pancakes which are huge!

Founding Farmers pancakes

I’ve had the scrambled eggs, fresh fruit with french toast on my 25th birthday. Below is that birthday meal.


Founding Farmers French Toast

Surprisingly, I didn’t like their french toast. It was too sweet. That was back in 2012 and I haven’t tried it since then.


I usually order water but I have tried their ginger ale about twice. It has a different taste. This drink below tho! It hit the spot! I wish I could remember the name of it but I can’t 🙁 I even looked at their online drink menu to see if it would trigger my memory but it didn’t. It was an alcoholic beverage that gave me a nice buzz and giggle.

Founding Farmers drink Founding Farmers drink

*Cherry Blossom Season at Founding Farmers*

From March 20th – April 17th Founding Farmers (at any of their locations) is offering their seasonal cocktail, Cherry Buck! Made with Gin and Cherry Heering. According to their website, this cocktail is the perfect libation to celebrate DC’s natural beauty, and the beginning of Spring! You know the Cherry Blossoms blooming are a big deal in the DMV! #CherryEverything

For All Occasions

I dine at Founding Farmers for any occasion. As I stated above, I celebrated my 25th birthday brunch there. I celebrated a friend’s 28th birthday dinner there last year. Years before I had introduced her to Founding Farmers and that’s why she chose to celebrate her birthday there years later! I got her hooked. I catch up with friends there. Last May, I took my mom and God mother there for a Mother’s Day brunch (see pic below). That same week, I went again to take my sister and mom for a Mother’s Day lunch (see third pic below). I take everyone there. That is my spot and I have to share it with everyone I dine with!!founding farmers

founding farmers

founding farmers

As you can see, Founding Farmers has my food heart. All of these food pictures are mines that I have taken over the past six years. I have more pictures but they’re of the same dishes and the pictures above are the best quality. I highly recommend dining at Founding Farmers no matter what your food preference or diet is. They have something for EVERYONE! I guarantee it. Their food is fresh and the service is good. It is my favorite restaurant and it has been for the past six years. I would like to explore their menu some more because I always order the same ish. My blogger boo Mabel recommended their beignets. I’ll have to look into that since I’ve never had beignets before. Below is Founding Farmers website and social media, I hope you dine there and get yo life *Tamar Braxton voice*  at least once in your life.





Have you ever dined at Founding Farmers? If so, what did you order or what do you typically order? Share below in the comments!

Thank you for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama

  • KLP @ SavingOurStrands
    March 22, 2016

    The beignets there are EVERYTHING!!!!! My fave place for bunch in DMV!

    KLP @ http://www.savingourstrands.com

    • ammamama
      March 23, 2016

      Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try them next because you’ve just confirmed that I must 🙂

  • Mabel
    April 6, 2016

    Girl! If you don’t eat dem beignets!
    Founding Farmers needs to get you on their advertising roster #imjustsayin

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