59th Ghana Independence Day!!

Happy Independence Day to all my Ghanaians!

This is my 3rd Ghana Independence Day post. I am happy to be back at it again for another year. Today’s post is all about my 2015 trip to Ghana  or #AmmaMamainGhana. I wasn’t aware of how much my Ghanaian culture influenced my blog content until recently. And it wasn’t until people pointed it out to me or would contact me about certain topics, that I then noticed it. I am okay with that but just a disclaimer:

I am not a Ghana or Africa expert.

All Things Amma Mama is a lifestyle blog where I discuss my culture, beauty and hair, style, travel as well as other topics that interest me. I am very proud of my Ghanaian heritage but I do not know everything about Ghana nor will  I ever claim to.

 Akwaaba!!!! (welcome in Twi) to all my new readers and old readers!

 I went to Ghana last summer. I had a Ghana series here on  my blog dedicated to my 12 day trip. I wanted to share my experience with readers. I was inspired to vlog (record) my entire 12 day trip and share those videos on YouTube!  Below are the links to my blog posts (as well as my favorite pictures from my trip) that highlight each day and each vlog! Click on the titles to read my posts, view my pictures and watch my vlogs. It’s a three for one deal (pictures, post and video), just click the title!

Ghana 2015| Vlog #1|We’ve Arrived!

59th Ghana Independence DayBuying mangoes with my mommy. We were fresh off our flight, it was still morning and we were hungry. My mom is telling the seller to lower the price. Hand on her hip and everything so you know its real. She meant business. My mom thinks everything is expensive but especially in Accra (Ghana’s capital). She won’t buy anything if the price ain’t right!

Ghana 2015|Vlog # 2| Being A Tourist

Black Star Square

Independence Square aka Black Star Square is the second-largest city square in the world after Tiananmen Square in China.

Ghana 2015|Vlog # 3|Cape Coast Slave Castle

cape coast slave castle ghanaThis particular vlog is a favorite among readers and viewers because of its educational value. Some viewers said they felt as if they were right there. Others told me that they were overcome with emotions while watching. I cry very easily (a characteristic of mine that I hate) but I’ve never cried while visiting the slave castles. Not even during my first visit in 2006. I never even felt close to tears.

Ghana 2015|Vlog # 4|Kakum & Elmina

59th-Ghana-Independence-DayThis was the best day of my trip! Lots of fun and quite the workout which I loved. But my poor mom, she just couldn’t hang…lol

Ghana 2015|Vlog # 5|Heading to Kumasi!

59th Ghana Independence Day

This was such an unnecessarily long day. If you plan to use a charter bus in Ghana as a means of transportation to another city, leave early! I’m talking no later than 7 am if the city you’re traveling to is hours away (i.e. Accra to Kumasi and vice versa). Shame on us for not leaving early.

Ghana 2015| Vlog #6|Going to Church

59th ghana independence day

Sisterly love on a Sunday <3  My favorite picture from this entire trip. #Love

Ghana 2015|Vlog #7|Market Haul

59th ghana independence day (3)

Shopping for fabric at the market is my least favorite thing to do in Ghana because I don’t like going to the market. However, I was pleased with my fabric selections and the outfits that I got made.

Ghana 2015|Vlog #8|Dining At Applebee!

59th Ghana Independence Day

Some school girls hanging out after school at the Ghana National Cultural Centre in Kumasi.

Ghana 2015|Vlog #9|Getting My Natural Hair Done

59th Ghana Independence Day

This took forever!! And it took my edges out afterwards :-/ It was cute tho…lol I felt like Solange Knowles but that feeling was not worth my edges being snatched.

Ghana 2015|Vlog #10|Wasting Time With the Seamster

59th ghana independence day

It was such a nightmare getting these outfits made but the family pics were lovely. Them (my bro & niece) so cute!

Ghana 2015|Vlog #11| Manhyia Palace & Asantehene

59th Ghana Independence Day

We didn’t meet the king on this day but we had a great tour and purchased some souvenirs.

Ghana 2015|Vlog #12| Last Day & Departure

59th Ghana Independence DayThis day was relaxing but too bad I can’t swim..lol Oh well it was kind of nippy for them in that pool so I didn’t miss much! I should still learn how to swim though because I feel like I’m missing out on life.

Down below are posts inspired by my trip and vlogs! I felt like I had so much to say and write about! I was inspired after my trip! That and people leave silly comments on You Tube :-/


Language Shaming

59th Ghana Independence Day

It’s so interesting when I meet people who were not born in Ghana but their parents are from there (such as myself) and they speak Twi (or Fante or Ga, etc.) fluently. Sometimes these people make it a point to brag emphasize that even though they were not born in Ghana, they still took the time to learn the native language. *Slow clap*  Want a cookie?

  Does Ghana Still Need Its Slave Castles?

59th Ghana Independence Day

Slavery doesn’t define Ghana and its rich history but it’s still an important part of it!

Vintage Photos From Ghana

59th Ghana Independence Day

My granddad on the left (I think he was 80) and my mom at 27 on the right. I love her dress!

The Angelina Cloth

The Angelina Cloth

This cloth was very popular in Ghana when I was there. Click the title to find out why Ghanaians call it Angelina.

Cloth Meaning: Sika Wo Ntaban

Sika Wo Ntaban

My favorite old school picture of my mom in a classic Vlisco design which Ghanaians call Sika Wo Ntaban.

Cloth Meaning: Nsu Bra

cloth meaning nsubra

Because I’m obsessed with my mom (that’s my boo), here goes another picture of her. She is rocking one of my favorite prints! #BaeofLIFE #MyBestie #MyBoo

The Nana Project

the nana project

The Nana Project is a wonderful organization that aims to preserve Ghana’s rich history through the storytelling of its elders. I had the pleasure of interviewing TNP’s founder Kirstie Kwarteng. She is the Henry Louis Gates Jr. of Africa. Watch out for her in future documentaries! I know she is going places with TNP and Ghana is just the beginning. She will make all of Africa proud, not just Ghana.

Woman Crush Wednesday

Ghana women wcw

As you can see above, my trip to Ghana left me with a natural high. I was bursting with content and inspiration. It was a great feeling. I always feel extremely blessed, humbled and inspired when I am in Ghana! I have a refreshed mind and a renewed outlook on life. I look forward to visiting Ghana again and exploring even more. Im addition, I’d LOVE to visit other countries on the continent of Africa. Last but not least, I really want to visit Jamaica! I feel so connected to it but that’s another post for another day! Anywho, check out my previous Ghana Independence Day posts below 🙂

57th Ghana Independence Day!!

58th Ghana Independence Day!!

 How are you celebrating Ghana’s Independence?

Share in the comments and thanks so much for reading! Have a blessed week!

~Amma Mama

  • Aaya
    March 6, 2016

    HAPPY GHANA INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! Another excellent post 🙂 from the vlogs to the cloth to the stunning vintage pics everything came together perfectly. thx for sharing!

    • ammamama
      March 7, 2016

      Thanks so much bopz!!!! Happy Ghana Independence Day 🙂

  • Kojo Sarfo
    May 26, 2016

    I really love ya vlog pics and the past history you shared …

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