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Happy Friday!

It’s getting warmer and warmer in the DMV. I am so happy! As a result, you can expect more Out ‘n’ About posts, God willing. I like to take full advantage of the warm weather mainly by walking around outside, acting like a tourist and going to free outdoor events. Somewhere in that list you can insert dining out. I don’t eat out often but when I do, it’s cause for an Out ‘n’ About post. Oh yea!!

eggspectation Silver Spring

Photo Source: Eggspectation website

Eggspectation, Silver Spring


I was treated to a yummy lunch on Tuesday in Downtown, Silver Spring. It was the perfect day to eat outside and soak up some sun. I must admit that I didn’t want to go at first. I had rice and stew in my bag for lunch and I was waiting for 12pm to cut Anywho, despite not wanting to go but rather eat my own lunch, I am happy I went. Not because the food was eggcellent (get it? egg-cellent) but because a free meal outdoors is a blessing. It’s always nice to be thought of and treated especially when you least eggspect it.

Eggsecutive Burger

eggspectation turkey burger and fries

I ordered a turkey burger with french fries and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice from the juice bar.

My Thoughts

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice: It was thick and freshly squeezed, literally. I liked it and I would order it again. It tasted very healthy and 100% natural.

French fries: They were seasoned and cooked very well. I would definitely order them again but I would also like to try their sweet potato fries.

Turkey burger: It was wack. It looked better than it tasted. I eggspected more flavor. It had zero flavor. The waiter said spices were cooked into the turkey burger and it was spicy. It wasn’t spicy at all. It didn’t taste like anything. I should’ve just ordered the bbq burger. It was my first choice and the waiter said it was good. He seemed to like it more than the turkey burger (when I asked for his opinion) but he highly recommended the lamb burger which I was not going to eat. I would not order their turkey burger again. I should’ve asked for some cheese on there because that would’ve helped with the non-existent flavor!

Final Thoughts: I would definitely dine at Eggspectation again. I went on a Tuesday after 1pm and it wasn’t busy. The outdoor seating was perfect. They have a sunny section and a shade section. We chose the shade section. The staff was friendly. The hostess was welcoming and the waiter was nice. The manager came out to greet us and to ask us how we liked our meal and service. He also gave us a “One free famous fruit smoothie or specialty latte” coupon. I will definitely be back for my free smoothie and maybe something else. But definitely not their turkey burger! Below is Eggspectation’s website, menu, Facebook and Instagram for the Silver Spring location. Sidenote: The Silver Spring location has a happy hour everyday from 3-7 pm.


Silver Spring Menu



Have you been to Eggspectation?  If so, what did you order?

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

~Amma Mama

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