Spring Hiking

Happy Spring!

I think it’s safe to say that it’s FINALLY spring here in the DMV. Spring officially started on March 20th but the weather has been off. It randomly snowed almost two weeks ago and it was really cold last week. However, spring really showed up and showed out this past weekend. It’s been showing out since then and I am excited, allergies and all.

spring hiking amma mama-on the trail

I went hiking this past weekend (Saturday and Sunday) after Zumba class. I usually hike on the trails after class (on the weekends) for about two and a half hours. I figure since I’m already sweaty from Zumba class, why not sweat some more? Plus I just want to move around since weekend classes are during the day and not at night (such as during the week). It was too pretty outside to be sitting down inside. I’ve always loved walking and I prefer it to running. However, I do find myself running on the trail sometimes. I can’t help it but for the most part, I am usually walking fast. I enjoy it. I get to walk like I am crazy without worrying about cars, crosswalks and lots of people.

spring flowers-hiking-walking on the trail

I think going to the gym and/or Zumba class is great but it’s nice to be alone on a trail while taking in the beautiful scenery. While I was at Zumba class, I thought to myself, “Man I can’t wait to get outside”. Even the instructor jokingly suggested that we take class out to the parking lot because it was so nice outside.amma mama-spring hiking-on the trail

I remember telling someone that I loved walking for fun. She thought it was strange. She told me that unless she was walking somewhere, she couldn’t just “walk”. That’s the beauty of hiking on a trail, you CAN just walk. There aren’t cars, crosswalks and large crowds of people. You can just walk on the long and (sometimes steep) winding trails. I love that. I see couples out there, families, people and their dogs (which I hate because I don’t like animals) and I see people hiking alone like me. Depending on when I go, sometimes it takes awhile before I see someone else. As a result, I get REALLY paranoid out there. Blame it on all the ID that I watch. I sometimes think a man will just jump out of nowhere and attack me. I feel a sense of relief when I see someone else out there. But it depends on who that “someone” is  because some people look sketchy. #NoShade But don’t be alarmed, go out there and hike your life away. Just always be alert and aware or your surroundings and understand that I am low-key crazy because of ID.

amma mama hiking-on the trail-spring

Reasons Why I Hike

To get out the house.

To clear my mind.

To have some alone time.

To enjoy the nice weather and scenery.

For exercise and HEALTH ( see the benefits of walking here).

It’s free!

What To Do On A Hike

Listen to music. I carry my phone with me and listen to music from there. I make sure it’s FULLY charged beforehand because I need music. It motivates me and puts a pep in my step. I love singing aloud and shaking my butt a little as I walk.

Listen to an audio book.

Listen to your favorite podcast.

Hike with a friend and catch up. I am looking forward to taking my bestie out there with me. Get your walking shoes and get ready girl!

Walk in silence with your thoughts and be one with the universe..lol

Click here to read some useful walking tips and techniques.

Reward YoSelf!

After a long hike, treat yourself to a nice, cold smoothie or a healthy meal or Coldstones. Say no to those Chick Fil-A fries..lol

I love the Panera Green Passion Power Smoothie.

It’s so good and it always hits the spot! #Yass

Panera Green Passion Power Smoothie


Final Thoughts

This spring, get out there and enjoy life because you only have one. Enjoy the weather and all the beautiful scenery that spring offers. Sometimes the gyms can be stuffy, crowded and straight up smelly. It’s okay to step away and take a brisk walk outside on that trail. Or you can do both like I do, the gym and a hike on the trails. Whatever your preference is, walk at your own pace and enjoy the spring 🙂

amma mama hiking-spring-on trailamma mama spring hiking -on the trail

amma mama spring hiking on the trail

Do you hike? What do you enjoy most about it? Any tips? 

Share below and thanks for reading! 🙂

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~Amma Mama

  • Susanna
    April 25, 2016

    Hey Amma,
    Love the post! Was just thinking about getting out and hiking this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • ammamama
      April 30, 2016

      Hey Aaya!
      Thank you!! Yes you should, my pleasure 🙂

  • Ronah
    April 25, 2016

    I love the photography. Seems like you enjoyed your hike.

  • Mabel
    April 27, 2016

    Beautiful pix! I love to walk, hike, or bike. When it’s spring-like weather on a Saturday morning, I get anxious to leave the house. lol To be honest, I like the sound of “ground” under my feet! Amma, do you like to bike? We should go biking in Alexandria one of these days! You’ll love it!

    • ammamama
      April 30, 2016

      Thank you boo! I get anxious too..lol I haven’t biked in years. Since high school. My bike broke and I never got it fixed. I’d love to go biking with you though. Do you rent a bike or do you own one?

      • Mabel
        May 2, 2016

        Capital Bikeshare girl, the joys of living in the metro area:) Easy to rent for the time you desire and you don’t have to take it home! Hopefully we can make it happen soon!

        • ammamama
          May 3, 2016

          Ohh I just Googled it. Great deals. Let me know when you’re going again 🙂

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