Tales of An Accessories Addict: Loza Tam

Happy Memorial Day!

Today’s of Tales of An Accessories Addict featured product is perfect for these hot summer days ahead of us. Side note: I am so happy its hot now. Bring on the heat! Just as the last tales TAA feature, this product is also handmade in my homeland Ghana. Whoop whoop, one time for my black stars! Now onto the product Loza Tam.

Loza Tam

Loza Tam sells satin-lined, adjustable width headbands that are made from 100% Dutch Wax fabric and handmade in Ghana. The satin lining protects the hair from friction and moisture loss against the cotton. Once you remove the headband, your edges are nice and sleek. Plus, its great to wear while exercising. The headbands can be worn during Bikram yoga classes, hikes, and regular workouts.

tales of an accessories addict loza tam

Top 5 features and benefits of the headbands

  1. Satin lining protects the hair from friction and moisture loss against cotton.Tales of an accessories addict loza tam
  2. Adjustable width, so it can be worn multiple ways (can even turn it around and wear it in the back for a pineapple type style)
    tales of an accessories addict loza tam

    Photo Credit:@itayshaphoto

  3. Made in Ghana by women entrepreneurs
  4. Non Slip due to elastic band ensures a snug fittales of an accessories adict loza tam
  5. Available in 10 African prints (Loza Tam just got new prints that will be up on their site soon)

Final Thoughts

Tales of an Accessories Addict Loza Tam

These headbands are well made and snug. I am used to head ties and scarves sliding off of my fro, #annoying. However, the grip on these (due to the elastic band) keeps the headbands firm and secure. They handle my afro and all that she brings to the table because she does have a mind of her own. In addition, the headbands are gorgeous and an alternative to rocking an African headwrap. At first glance, my sister thought that they were headwraps I folded and tied around my hair. They’re vibrant and colorful; they add that special touch to my summer outfits. You can purchase these beautiful headbands on Etsy here or in store at Nubian Hueman Boutique in Washington DC (they’ll be available on Nubian Hueman’s website soon).


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Thank you Loza Tam for sending me these beautiful headbands to review! The quality is superb and they’re cute.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

~Amma Mama

  • nana Bonsra
    May 30, 2016

    Good and Golden. Very simple and rich in meaning. This is beauty with meaning.

  • Nubian Hueman
    July 7, 2016

    Thank you so much for your post. You’ always know what hot!

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