An Evening with Joe Thomas

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I had the pleasure of seeing RnB singer Joe Thomas LIVE in concert at the “legendary” major sideeye Howard Theatre in Washington DC. I enjoyed going down 90s memory lane to his smooth RnB classics. Musically, I  live in and for the 90s. Particularly 90s RnB and hip hop. I live for them both. I made a list here of 90s artists I wanted to see live. Joe is on that list and I’m happy I can now cross him off. Today I will be sharing video clips and pictures from his recent concert. I will also be discussing my experience at The Howard Theatre. It’s been about two years since my last visit. My last concert there was Keith Sweat in 2014. This recent experience was terrible but more on that later in this post. It’s time for the #AmmaMamaConcertSeries to begin. I attend the concerts of many 90s Rnb artists so I will  share them here on the blog. I’ve only shared snippets of the Keith Sweat concert here and the Tevin Campbell concert here. This summer I am sharing everything in a new series entitled #AmmaMamaConcertSeries.


Joe- All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)

I absolutely love this song. This is MY FAVORITE Joe song and the reason why I paid for my overpriced ticket. This is also a classic 90s slow jam. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to hear him sing it live. Everyone was singing word for word. A fan wiped the sweat off his face because The Howard Theatre was hot as hell, more on that later and even snuck in a kiss! Bold move! It’s all in this clip above.

Joe-Faded Pictures

This is actually Case’s song featuring Joe. Another classic that takes me all the way back to sixth grade. #Growingupinthe90s

Joe-Don’t Wanna Be A Player

One of my favorite parts of the song is when Joe repeats “Boricua, morena”, I still don’t know what that means. Perhaps I should Google translate it…lol

Joe-Love Scene

My girl in the audience at the beginning of this clip was FEELING it. She looked just how I felt. #YASSSS Joe *does a slow body roll* .

I ain’t eem mad doe!

Joe-All That I Am

This song is so sweet. It’s the perfect  first dance wedding song. I love the lyrics (see below).

I can’t buy you fancy rings
Or all of the expensive things you’re used to, baby
No trips around the world, no diamonds or pearls
To give to you, baby
But what I’ve got a give is more precious
Than you’ll ever know
My deepest inner feelings, my heart and soul
Cause all that I am, is a man in love with you
Cause all that I am, is a man who’s heart is true
And in love with you

Drummer’s Groove

Joe’s drummer was doing thee absolute MOST while playing the drums. However, I only caught a snippet of it. He was vibin real hard and he was in his zone. It was hilarious.

Joe-More & More

Gregory Issacs -Night Nurse (Joe Thomas Cover)

I didn’t know Joe remade Gregory Issacs Night Nurse. This was my first time hearing Joe’s version. It was good *does a dip and slow whine*.

Adele – Hello (Joe Thomas Cover)

I don’t like this song but Joe did a great cover of it.

Joe-I Wanna Know

Joe closed the night with his number one hit! I think it’s his #1 hit. The radios PLAYED IT OUT when it was first released. I’ve been over it but I did enjoy hearing it live and I even sung along

 #OOTN (Outfit of the Night)

An Evening with Joe Thomas-#AmmaMamaconcertseries

Dress: H&M

Necklace: Jewels For Books

Shoes: Target

Earrings: NY & Company

 The Bopsie TwinZ

an evening with joe thomas-bopsie twins #ammamamaconcertseries

My BFF is my concert buddy! We see everyone together! She’s always down for the cause even when she knows only knows a few songs of my favorite 90s artists. Thanks bopz for coming with me! You are greatly and ALWAYS appreciated:-) The funny thing is before a lot of the concerts, she’ll say to me “I only know like two songs of {insert artist name here)”. Then she’ll proceed to name the two songs that she claims to knows. However, once we’re at the actual concert, she realizes that knows more songs than she initially thought. She just doesn’t know them by name but when she hears it, she knows. I told my sister I went to see Joe and she said she didn’t know who that was. However, when I played my video of Joe singing  I Wanna Knowshe got excited and proceeded to sing #Icant

an evening with joe thomas-bopsie twins #ammamamaconcertseries

An Evening with Joe Thomas-90s rnb -#AmmaMamaconcertseries

The concert was scheduled to start at 8pm and we got there a little after 6pm. We were  EARLY since the doors had opened at 6pm We went to the bathroom where I unraveled my celie twists and we proceeded to take a lot of selfies toilets in the background and all. I wore them on my way to the concert and even throughout my work day. However, I blow-dried my hair before work that morning so I could rock my blown out Afro for the concert. I even skipped my daily walk outside (at work) just to keep my blow out in tact. Once we arrived at The Howard Theatre, I became hesitant about rocking my fro because it was so HOT inside. I instantly knew the AC wasn’t on and keep in mind that it was about 90 degrees outside. I was sweating a lot and I had the sweat stains on the front, back and sides of my dress to prove it. #YIKES Despite all of this, I still really wanted to rock my fro! I did and what I feared happened, shrinkage!  It was still cute though but I was serving Jackson 5 realness. My Afro was tight, literally.

The Concert

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

The concert was great. Joe sounds just like he does on his CD’s. I can’t believe he is coming out with his 12th studio album. I had no idea he had that many albums. As a young girl in elementary school,  I always liked Joe’s songs and voice. I was listening to grown folks music in elementary school not even knowing what I was singing about. My eldest brother is the same age as Joe (42 yrs) and he’s the reason why I started listening to 90s slow jams at the tender age of four…lol

Joe Thomas-The Howard Theatre

Joe is smooth, he’s a classic man (I mean the brotha wore a three piece suit) and he has swag. He has great stage presence. He doesn’t do too much  but just enough, fans self a little bit. He lets his voice do ALL the work. He is a true artist and I respect him. I enjoyed myself. I appreciate that he sang through most of his hit songs. He didn’t just zip through them and give us snippets. I came to hear Joe sang his hit All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do). I wanted to hear the ENTIRE song from to start to finish. I am that kind of fan and I live for that 90s nostalgia. I can’t get that 90s feeling when artist are only doing snippets of my favorite songs.  If you love RnB music, especially that GOOD 90s RnB music, see Joe live! His show was about an hour long.  It was just enough time and he delivered. He didn’t have an opening act which is good. He was scheduled to start at 8pm and he started at about 8:13pm which is excellent!! I’ve been to shows at The Howard Theatre where the artists were extremely LATE and did NOT deliver! (i.e. SWV and Tevin Campbell). You can see Joe live with your boo (I saw lots of couples there) or with your girl(s). Either way, you’re sure to have a good time if you appreciate quality RnB!

The Howard Theatre

The Howard Theatre #AmmaMamaConcertSeries

What can I say about The Howard Theatre? Thee “legendary” Howard Theatre? *BIG SIDE EYE*

First of all the prices have increased. It’s been about two years since my last visit so I get it, ish changes. The advance ticket was $39.50 while the ticket the day of the show was $45.00. Of course my BFF and I purchased our advance tickets. However, there were all these silly fees included that resulted in the total being $53.20. How Sway? I didn’t understand these fees because it was the same Howard Theatre I went to two years ago.  No upgrade in sight. I did notice their menu options improved. However, we didn’t eat anything so I cannot confirm if their taste did.

In the past, when purchasing a ticket, I’ve noticed “Standing room only”. There is an option to purchase a booth which is costly. Another option is to arrive early (first come first served) and spend at least $10 in order to be seated at a table. We usually order appetizers in order to be seated. However, when we came in, there were absolutely no seats or tables in the standing room section. All the surrounding tables in the booth area and upstairs were reserved. There was a Go-go concert afterwards so I assume that they were too lazy they didn’t want to do their job break down any tables or chairs. Since we were early, all we could do was stand around in the extreme heat. We were never informed that their AC was broken, no mention of it was ever made even though it was hot as hell. I guess they thought we wouldn’t notice. If the “legendary” Howard Theatre wants to charge a facility fee, they need to ensure their facility has working AC when it’s 90 degrees outside! They also need to have tables and seats in the standing area like they used to. Joe isn’t a rap artist, we don’t need to be on our feet for hours. When I saw Keith Sweat there, they had tables and chairs (from the middle of the standing room) to the back of the standing room. My bff and I ordered appetizers so we had a table. However, when Keith came out, I left my table and stood at the front of the stage for the entire concert. My BFF stayed at our table in her seat throughout Keith’s concert. It’s nice to at least have that option rather than not putting any tables or chairs down forcing us to stand. It also limits people from ordering appetizers. Who wants to stand and eat appetizers? Not the bospie twinz and we didn’t!  I could go on and on but I won’t. Just know that our experience at thee “legendary” Howard Theatre was terrible and this time around they get two thumbs down from the bopsie twinz. Go ahead and take this L and while you’re at it, fix your AC!

My Final Thoughts

An Evening with Joe Thomas-All Things Amma Mama-#AmmaMamaConcertSeries

Joe was amazing. I don’t think his concert ticket was worth $53.20. I was not provided the ambiance I expected  for that price and it was extremely hot (look at my shrunken Jackson 5 fro after the concert)! Do I regret going? No I do not. Would I see Joe again? I wouldn’t mind but not for that price and not for him alone. He would need to be apart of a festival lineup (i.e. Essence Music Festival) or performing alongside other 90s RnB artists in a joint concert. The bopsie twinZ give Joe two thumbs up and The Howard Theatre two thumbs down!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend!

~Amma Mama

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    Great recap bopz! I had a blast

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