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Happy Web Series Wednesday!

It’s been a minute but we’re back and better than ever. Today’s post is all about Girl Going Places TV. This web series is a travel show hosted and produced by Maame Adjei. You may already know her from the hit TV series An African City. Maame’s new show focsues on traveling within the continent of Africa. She is starting with Ghana’s hidden gems. In episode 1 below, Maame  heads to a small town in the Volta region called Likpe. Watch below!


“We are what we’ve been looking for!”  The grandeur of Africa is undeniable. The beauty is untapped and doors are open for exploration. I encourage any and everyone to visit the continent at one point in their lives. There are 54 unique options for you to choose from, and companies such as Tastemakers Africa (founded by a woman, might I add) are making travel to Africa less ‘daunting.’ More than that, I encourage Africans and people of African descent to spread the word about the dynamism of their land. To do that, you must travel it, breathe it in and love it. Africa- We are what we’ve been looking for.

Maame Adjei

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My Thoughts on Episode 1

Girl Going Places TV-Maame Adjei

Episode 1 was amazing. I wanted to see more. The filming and editing was on point. Maame is an awesome host with a great sense of humor. I am looking forward to more episodes. I’ve always wanted to see a travel show that shows more of Africa. I think Africa overall has so much to offer travelers and tourists. Ghana alone has  a lot of hidden gems. I have never heard of Likpe and I’ve never been to the Volta region. I definitely want to visit the Volta region on my next trip to Ghana. I’ve been saying that ever since my last trip to Ghana. Not these caves though!!..lol I’ll just live vicariously through Maame. She’s a trooper for this one! Small spaces (claustrophobia), bats and four hours of hiking in sandals. Despite all of that, she did a great job without giving up. She’s definitely a girl going places!

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~Amma Mama

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