Summer 16| Vlog 1 -Thames Street Oyster House

Happy Wednesday!

I will be vlogging again this summer. Last summer I vlogged my 12-day family trip to Ghana, you can watch those vlogs here. All summer 16, I am vlogging all my adventures. Summer is my FAVORITE season and the time of the year when I do the most. I wish I was born in the summer instead of fall. Anyways, this past Sunday, my girls (Bebe & Sheila) and I dined at Thames Street Oyster House in Baltimore, Maryland. We had good food and great conversation. Below is my vlog and some pictures from the day!

Thames Street Oyster House

Thames Street Oyster House-AllThingsAmmaMama-blogger-vlogger-baltimore maryland

Thames Street Oyster House is beautiful inside. Especially upstairs where we dined. Downstairs is tight and narrow so I am glad we were seated upstairs. The lighting was perfect and the decor had a colonial feel to it. Bebe said it was the open brick walls. I agree, in addition to the staircase and dining setting.


Lobster Mac & Cheese

Thames Street Oyster House Lobster Mac & Cheese-Baltimore Maryland- Fell's Point-AllThingsAmmaMama

This was DELICIOUS! We all ordered it. Initially, I ordered it and shared it with my girls. It was so good they ordered theirs to go.


Thames Street Oyster House-Oysters-Baltimore Maryland-AllThingsAmmaMama

I had oysters and lobster for the first time this day. I didn’t like the oysters. As you can see in the vlog, I couldn’t even swallow it. They looked so gross to me and I couldn’t get past how they looked. They reminded me of membrane. From the little bit I tasted via the tip of my tongue, it didn’t taste good either. It tasted as gross as it looked. Bebe said I didn’t drink it fast enough and that I needed to chug it down like a shot. She and Sheila loved the oysters. If you like oysters, I’m sure you will enjoy Thames Street’s. I couldn’t hang! #Gross


New England Lobster Roll

Thames Street Oyster House-New England Lobster Roll-Baltimore Maryland-AllThingsAmmaMama

As I mentioned above, this was my first time eating lobster and I enjoyed it! This lobster roll was yummy and buttery filled with goodness and glory. I loved my fries. They were seasoned to perfection! I even finished Sheila’s…lol


Dulce De Leche Bread Pudding

Dulce De Leche Thames Street Oyster House-Bread Pudding-Baltimore Maryland-AllThingsAmmaMama

This was yummy and more than enough for the three of us to share. Especially after such a filling lunch.

My First Impression

Thames Street Oyster House-Baltimore Maryland-AllThingsAmmaMama-blogger-vlogger-summer 16 vlog

I enjoyed my dining experience. The food was good and so was the service. In addition to RA Sushi, it’s another amazing Baltimore restaurant. Keep in mind that their weekend hours are a bit different. The kitchen closes at 2:30pm and then reopens at 5:00pm for dinner. Our reservation was for 1:45 pm and we had to order by 2:30pm. That wasn’t an issue but it’s definitely worth noting for those who want to dine during the weekend. The restaurant is pricey and weekend parking is sketchy! I got a $52.00 ticket for parking over two hours in a residential area even though where I parked wasn’t at a residence. The parking signs are not clear. Be careful.  Overall, two thumbs up for Thames Street Oyster House!!

Click here to visit their website.

Baltimore Chilling

Fell's Point Baltimore Maryland-AllThingsAmmaMama-blogger-vlogger

So after stuffing our faces, we walked it off by strolling through Fell’s Point. If you’re ever in Baltimore, make sure you visit Fell’s Point. It’s a historic waterfront neighborhood with many restaurants and tourist attractions. It’s a must see when visiting Baltimore.

Summer 16- Vlog 1-Baltimore Vlog- AllThingsAmmaMama

We walked by some vibrantly colored homes and just had to have an Instagram Flex photoshoot. Selfies, poses and all!

Summer 16- Vlog 1-Baltimore Vlog- AllThingsAmmaMama

Summer 16- Vlog 1-Baltimore Vlog- AllThingsAmmaMama

Summer 16- Vlog 1-Baltimore Vlog- AllThingsAmmaMama

Guess who came outside during our “Instagram Flex” session ?

Summer 16- Vlog 1-Baltimore Vlog- AllThingsAmmaMama

The homeowner! Chile, yes! Talk about scary and embarrassing. I knew someone was home because I could see the house light and ceiling fan on. However, I didn’t think they would actually come out. Well she did and she couldn’t have been any sweeter!!! She even offered to take a group picture of us rather than call the cops on us for She was a sweetie!

Final Thoughts

I had a blast!! Stay tuned for more summer 16 experiences! Click here to subscribe to my vlog channel.To learn more about Fell’s Point, click here. Thank you for reading!

~Amma Mama


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