COLORS DC: R&B Only (Recap)

Happy Monday!

Last Friday, I attended COLORS DC: R&B Only with my friends. I had never heard of it. My twin Bebe  invited me. I wanted to say no even though it sounded  fun.

Reasons To Say No:

  1. It started too late. The event promo said it started at 11pm (and it really started at 12am). I sleep later than that but I don’t like leaving the house for an event that starts that late. And with all the recent shootings, I was paranoid being at an event that started that late.
  2.  I HATE driving and parking in DC. It lowkey gives me anxiety!

I decided to attend and not live in fear. Plus my twin would park for  me…lol She couldn’t drive me because she was coming from Baltimore but she could definitely find me free parking, which she did! Now let’s talk about the actual event.


COLORS DC R&B Only- Howard Theatre

I would describe COLORS DC: R&B Only as a big party that only plays R&B music. I initially thought it would be strictly 90s R&B but it was not. It was early 2000 and even current R&B such as Trey Songz, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez etc. It started at about 12 am. That’s when the doors opened. Luckily, it took forever for us Bebe to find me parking so when we arrived at the line, we didn’t have to wait in it too long. That was good because it was long with lots of people.

COLORS DC R&B Only- Howard Theatre

I found myself at the Howard Theatre again because the event was there. Unlike my last visit their AC was working {side eye}.


(Press Play on the videos below)

The highlight of the night was seeing the DMV’s own Mya!! I am a big Mya fan so I was pressed. It wasn’t announced that she would be there so we were all surprised. I wish I was on the ground floor to see her closer. My friends and I went upstairs to the top where it was cooler  and less crowded.

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My Thoughts 

COLORS DC R&B Only-howard theatre-allthingsammamama

It was okay. It was worth the $14.99 I paid and honestly even less (about $10.00). I wouldn’t pay $30.00 and that’s how much tickets at the door were. If you decide to go, definitely purchase your tickets in advance and don’t pay more than $15.00. With that being said, Mya was such a special treat and truly the highlight of the event. She was a pleasant surprise. My friends and I all agreed Colors was okay but we would not attend it again. One of my friends referenced the young crowd as being a turn-off. There were many Howard University students there and I wasn’t expecting the “born in 1995 and after” crew to be so deep. I was expecting more 80s babies such as myself and my friends. We also agreed that the song selections and DJ could’ve been better. I was expecting to hear real R&B classic hits from Hi-Five, Keith Sweat, Soul 4 Real, Aaliyah, and more from early 90s R.Kelly (i.e. 12 Play), etc. However, that was not the case. There was lots of current R&B played and even trap music. It would be nice if they hosted a “R&B Only: Strictly 90s Edition”. 

My Colors Experience

 I could’ve attained the overall Colors experience (minus seeing Mya  live) at home with Pandora and snap chat. Alll we did (mostly everyone that attended) was sing aloud off key, dance, and record ourselves (via snap chat). Ish  many people  already do at home in front of the mirror or in their bedroom. Fortunately, besides the $14.99 ticket, I didn’t pay for anything else. No drinks for me and Bebe found me free parking. If I had paid for anything additional, I would’ve been pissed. All in all,  I say try out Colors. Experience it for yourself  but don’t pay more than $15.00. I think it would’ve been a better experience in a different city such as New York or Atlanta. I believe the music selection would’ve been lit better. I do appreciate the concept and it’s nice to mentally travel back in time through music. I can always remember what grade I was in when I hear a 90s and early 2000 R&B song. Nostalgia at its best!

Views from My Snap Chat

Outfit of The Night

I was trying to be 90s-ish.

Amma Mama-AllThingsAmmaMama-Outfit of the Night

 Cold Shoulder Bodycon Top- Garage (still available here)
Shorts- H&M
Light Cardigan ShawKohl’s (purchased last year)
Women’s Gretchen Quarter Strap SandalsTarget (still available here)

Tibetan NecklaceFarm Women’s Market (purchased years ago)

Hair of the Night 

Crown Braids done by @LondonsBeautii

protective style-crown braid-natural hair- London's Beautii-Bowie Maryland- Expressions Hair-Amma Mama- AllThingsAmmaMama

Have you attended a Colors event? If so what did you think?
Share below, thanks for reading and have a fab week.
~Amma Mama


  • lilkunta
    August 10, 2016

    Amma, Thanks for this. I was thinking of going so now if I/we do I will make sure to prebuy tix.

    What time did you all get there bc there is NEVER parking there on georgia ave/7th stret/t street so we get dropped off or take the bus.

    If you feel like driving down from baltimroe again FestAfrica is this weekend in down Silver Spring ( ellsworth drive & fenton street) on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately the cool weather will be gone and it will be be sticky oppressive hot again ugh. But I always have a good time at FestAfrica. So gald it moved from Bmore down to closer to DC.

    • ammamama
      August 10, 2016

      Hi there,
      No problem.
      We arrived at about 11:30 pm.
      I don’t live in Baltimore but my friend does. I’ve been attending Fest Africa since 2011. I look forward to it every summer (oppressive heat & all) and I have even written two blog posts ( see below) about it! Maybe we’ll bump into each other, thanks for stopping by!

      Fest Africa 2015 Recap:

      Fest Africa 2014 is Tomorrow!!!

      • lilkunta
        August 15, 2016

        O ok. Great and Thank You.
        I feel this year was not as busy as last year.
        I kept leaving to cool down in different restaurants. Even standing in front of HM open doors was refreshing.
        I dont know if they have signed a long term contract for the 2nd weekend of August every year, but if not they should move the date. Last weekend and the weekend before was hot but not dangerously humid. It is hot in Africa but not humid so this was worse than Africa.

        • ammamama
          August 23, 2016

          You’re welcome.
          I absolutely agree. It was boring and EXTREMELY HOT! I was in Cold Stones for a minute escaping the heat. I left early and didn’t even return Sunday.
          I agree the date should be moved. Maybe July? Yes it was worse than Ghana’s heat. I didn’t enjoy myself 🙁

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