Styling My Natural Hair with YOU Be-Natural Products

Happy Fall!

Today marks the first day of autumn!!  I was recently sent a BOX full of  natural hair goodies from YOU Be-Natural. They put your girl on! I did my hair this past Saturday for the Curls Presents: The Naturalista Hair Show Fashion Show using only YOU Be-Natural products (with the exception of my heat protectant). Below are the products I received.

My Box Full of Goodies


What I Used

YOU Be-Natural Tangle Me Knot Detangling Shampoo


First Impression: I washed my hair with this product and it cleansed my hair and scalp well. It did not strip my hair. However, don’t let it get in your eyes because it really burns.

YOU Be-Natural Deep Moisturizing & Softening Mayonnaise Conditioner


First Impression: I slept with this conditioner in my hair overnight because I was too tired to rinse it out. When I washed it out the next morning, my hair was shiny and soft.

You Be Natural TKO (Tangle Knock Out)™ Leave-In/Detangler


First Impression: It was fine. I was able to easily comb through each section of my hair and properly detangle.

 Curling my Hair with Perm Rods

After detangling my hair, I blow dried it. I used Silk Elements Strength ‘n Silk Heat Protection Creme as a heat protectant (purchased from Sally Beauty).

My stylist then flat twisted my hair. After that, she roller set the middle with perm rods. She used the two products below to set my hair.

YOU Be-Natural Curl Shaper Custard


After Thoughts: I shouldn’t have suggested to my stylist that she use this product  because it’s mainly for defining natural curls, two-strand and twist-outs. It’s not for setting curls. I believe it’s the reason why the back of my hair  didn’t dry.  This custard was too thick/heavy for this particular style. FYI: A little goes a long way. It also caused little micro flakes in my hair. However, they were not visible. My stylist and I only noticed them falling on my shirt days later when she was twisting my hair (because my curls got ruined in rain and humidity while moving). The curl custard did elongate my hair though but I will never use it again for a perm rod set. I’ll use it for what it’s made for (mainly for defining natural curls, two-strand and twist-outs).

YOU Be-Natural Curl Perfect Forming Mousse


After Thoughts: This was nice and light. It did shrink up my stretched hair but I would use it again (alone next time without the custard or any other product). It gave me soft curls and it dries quick. It didn’t flake or leave my hair feeling crunchy or hard.  It’s the best mousse I’ve ever used since being natural.

Time to Style

All Done-Flat Twist Up-do with Perm Rods


YOU Be-Natural Edge Tamer All Day Hold Gel


After Thoughts: My stylist used this to slick down my edges. She said it was runny and she didn’t like it. However, I didn’t notice that it was runny. I saw it lay down my edges so I was good.

More Pics

Check out my recap of the  Curls Presents: The Naturalista Hair Show Fashion Show here. I had a blast!!

Final Thoughts

I will use these YOU Be-Natural products again. I will also try some of the other hair products that came in my gift box. However, I will only try the ones for my texture or all textures. I  appreciate that YOU-Be Natural labels some of their products for specific textures (i.e. For Tightly Coiled Textures). It makes things easier. You can view all of YOU Be Natural products here. YOU Be Natural is also available in over 500 Sally Beauty stores.

Goodbye Summer

As I mentioned above, today is the first day of autumn. My birthday season (November baby) but I am a summer baby at heart!! I LOVE SUMMER! Below are all my summer styles done by London’s Beautii! She held me down this summer. I think I will be rocking my up-dos until it gets too cold. Then, protective styles  here I come.


Thank you for reading! 🙂

~Amma Mama

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  • An Afrikan Butterfly
    September 23, 2016

    Loved this hairstyle on the ‘gram! Did you later separate for more curls?
    And that’s a big box! What’s the price range for the entire line?

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