Fall Activities: Fun Things to Do In The Fall

Happy Saturday!

Today it REALLY feels like fall in the DMV. The winds are STRONG and it’s cold :-/ Anywho, today’s post is all about FUN stuff to do during fall. This complete list includes activities for single folks, families and friends! I have engaged in some of these actives this fall and I will share my experiences as well as pictures!

1. Pumpkin Patch


My sis and I took the babies aka my niece and nephews to the pumpkin patch at Montpelier Farms. It was nice and the babies enjoyed themselves. {LOWKEY though}, I think pumpkin patches are scams, just like those annual spring & summer carnivals/fairs. General admission was $12.oo per person. Children two years old and and under are free. However, once inside certain activities required tickets and tickets cost money. We purchased $20.00 worth of tickets but that was not enough for four kids. Some activities (such as the moon bounce, a whole moon bounce!) required three tickets PER CHILD! #SCAM  However, I do appreciate that the hayride was free as it should be. I always enjoy hayrides. I think most adults do. Kids just want to run around and play all day, understandably.

Pumpkin patches are scams BUT do it for the babies. Pick up some pumpkins and bake some pumpkin pie with them.

2. Museums


I am BLESSED  to live in the DMV surrounded by so many amazing museums including the BRAND NEW National Museum of African American History and CultureThis museum is so dope. I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time with my girls Whitney Q  (check out her podcast show What She Said and Michelle Asare  (check out her YouTube channel here) who were visiting from the UK.


This museum IS amazing. I felt immense pride during my first visit. I felt PROUD to be BLACK *ques* James Brown I’m Black and I’m Proud”! As a people, we have a RICH history! I am visiting again tomorrow with my BFF. If you’re ever in the DMV, please visit this museum!

3. Hiking


I recently went hiking in Great Falls, VA with my bestie. It was amazing and a real workout. The scenery was inspiring and breathtaking. The weather was also lovely also and the trails were intense (just what I needed).

5. Homecoming Games


It’s homecoming season in the high schools and colleges! Visit your old college and enjoy the homecoming football game with your college friends! Every year, I say that I’ll attend my alma mater UMD’s homecoming but I never do. UMD is a big school and I don’t do large crowds of drunk football fanatics people. I didn’t even attend UMD’s homecoming when I was a student there or even a regular football game. However, it you love your alma mater and/or football, GO! 🙂

6. Change Your Look


Update your look for fall. Dye your hair darker or get some highlights and update your wardrobe with some cozy sweaters and jeans. #SweaterWeather Treat yourself to some shopping and a fall makeover. For naturalista’s such as myself, this is best time for me to play with my fro. Not too hot, not too cold and it isn’t humid.

7. Be a Tourist 


Whether you’re in your home state, traveling out of state or even out of the country, EXPLORE! Being a DMV native, I think fall is the best time to explore DC. It’s not extremely hot and humid, it’s less crowded and that means LESS tourists! I told Whitney Q and Michelle that they picked the perfect time to visit DC.

8. Brunch It


If all else fails in life, brunch it!! Silver Diner with my bestie, never fails. Their food never fails me. I get the same thing every single time.


9. Concerts

Ain’t nuttin like a good 90’s concert! I am sooo excited to see Brandy on Nov 20th, the day before my 29th birthday. I LOVE HER!!!!!!

10. Try a New Restaurant


I really want to try this restaurant. I’ve never had Ugandan food but I do enjoy food from other East African countries (i.e. Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia). Plus the Yelp reviews (here) are great! Once I do dine here, I’ll be sure to share my experience here on the blog.

11. Movies


I might check this movie out with my bestie at our favorite movie theatre.

Sound Off:

What are your favorite Fall activities? What do you like to do most during this season?

Share below and thank you for reading!

~Amma Mama

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