FreeTress Braid 2X Wand Curl Crochet Braid

Happy Thursday!

I have a new FreeTress hair to share on my blog. It is the  Freetress Braid 2X Wand Curl Crochet Braid Ringlet Wand Curl. I love it so far. I don’t think I’ll ever purchase FreeTress Water Wave hair again. I purchased it from Beauty 4U a few weeks ago and had to return it (for store credit) because it was SO STRINGY like dental floss. No curl definition, just a hot mess. However, I am so happy I got a different curl pattern. It was time to switch it up! Peep my transformation video below. I stepped into London’s Beautii transformation chamber below, always a pleasure.

London’s Beautii Transformation Chamber 

(press play)

Deets On The Hair



  • The hair was purchased at a beauty supply store in Bowie. I don’t remember the name but I will ask my stylist and edit this post.
  • It was about $10.oo per pack.
  • My stylist used four whole packs and two small pieces from a fifth pack.
  • My stylist is London’s Beautii. Her salon is located in Bowie, Maryland.



My Thoughts

This hair is bouncy and big. It hasn’t been in a week yet (one day shy) but so far so good. I’ll give a full review after a month or so. A few people thought it was my real hair.  And guess what? I let one colleague believe it was. It was too early in the AM for me to correct her &  explain to her that it was crochet braids.  Sometimes I  don’t feel like explaining alla dis black girl magic.. However, when the afternoon rolled around, I kept it one hunnid with my other colleagues who complimented it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading.

~Amma Mama


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