My Seven Years with Natural Hair

Happy Tuesday!

It’s my naturalversary month. October 11th marked  seven years since I did the big chop! In today’s post, I will share the cute styles I rocked in year six that helped me reach  year seven! Below are the styles, the products I tried, my current regimen and what styles I want next. Click the bold titles to be directed to the detailed posts!

Crown Twists


I started off with my crown twists and made my first hair tutorial HERE! I dislike this style but I had no choice but to wear it for my 28th birthday brunch. As you can see in this pic above, my edges were barely there were thin, thanks to the Senegalese Twists I got done in Ghana (see here).

Crochet Braids

Freetress Water Wave Hair Review

Crochet Braids done by London’s Beautii are my NUMBER ONE protective style for the winter. They’re perfect for my edges and hair! My hair flourishes underneath them.

Click #LondonsBeautiiCrochetBraids to view more of her work. I’d love to try the X-Pression Cuevana Bounce next. I love how London’s Beautii cut and styled it,

Big Cornrows

London's Beautii-cornrows-bowie hairstylist-protective style

Feeding Cornrows

feeding cornrows-single plaits-london's beautii-bowie hairstylist-dmv hairstylist-amma mama

Click #LondonsBeautiiFeedinCornrows to view more of her work.

Crown Braids X Fishtail Braid

Crown Braids with Fishtail Braid-London's Beautii-Bowie hairstylist-natural hair

Crown Braids

protective style-crown braid-natural hair- London's Beautii-Bowie Maryland- Expressions Hair-Amma Mama- AllThingsAmmaMama

Click #LondonsBeautiiCrownBraids to view more of her work.

Braided Up-dos

london's beautii braided updo-bowie maryland-dmv braider-dmv hairstylist-bowie hairstylist-bowie braider

This is my NUMBER ONE protective style during the summer. It isn’t heavy, it’s not hot and it’s easy to sleep in.  It’s also perfect for zumba class which I attend 3-4 times a week. My hair has really grown because of this style. As a result or rocking it, I was able to retain length this past summer. That’s rare for me because my hair usually breaks off in the summer. Click #LondonsBeautiiUpdo to view more of her work.

Flat Twist Up-do with Curls

(Press play)

Click #LondonsBeautiiUpdo to view more of her work.


(Press play)

#AmmaMamaHair Loving my fro today✊🏿💅🏿 #InstagramFleX 💪🏿

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My edges grew back!

tales of an accessories addict loza tam

Flat Twist Up-d0 with Two Strand Twists


Click #LondonsBeautiiUpdo to view more of her work.

Products I Tried

Eya Naturals

Read my full review here.

eya naturals

YOU-Be Natural

(Press play.)

Read my full review here.

My Current Products

Before I was sent that big box of YOU Be-Natural products, I was using the Shea Moisture products pictured above in that order  *Mama Dee voice* (from left to right).  I purchased it from Walgreens. Much cheaper there than at Target. When my free YOU Be-Natural products finish, I will continue using these products. Out of the various Shea Moisture lines I’ve tried, the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line works best on my hair.

Final Thoughts


Seven years in, I am loving and appreciating my natural hair even more. I just want to have as much fun with it as possible and not be limited to one style. I believe in protective styling and also unleashing my Afro once in awhile.


An Evening with Joe Thomas-#AmmaMamaconcertseries

Ultimately, protective styling works BEST for my hair. That’s been the case since I was a little girl. It’s ALWAYS helped me in retaining  length and maintaining the health of my  hair  whether I was relaxed or natural. While I don’t have all the natural hair answers  because I am neither a natural hair guru nor expert.  I want to to serve as a style inspiration to my readers and fellow naturalistas.  My cousin recently asked me how she can get her hair to grow like mines. I’m assuming she wanted to know what products I am using because she’s specifically asked me that in the past. I believe that in addition to protective styling,  my AWESOME stylist IS  responsible for my hair growth. Special shout out to London’s Beautii based in Bowie, Maryland. She’s the best. I love when she tells me that new clients come in soley because of my blog posts about her and her salon. Or when she tells me  clients show her MY  picture and tell her that they want their hair done just like mines. I love that!!!!!! I am here to inspire and be a resource. That’s what my blog is all about! Check out my stylist London’s Beautii if you’re in the DMV. Her work is phenomenal (#blessedhands) and she is even better. Also check out my hashtag #AmmaMamaHair or my pinterest board here to view style inspiration.

Quick Tips:

  1) Trim your hair as needed.

2) Let your hair and edges breath between protective styles.

3)Wash and condition your hair.

4) Drink lots of water and moisturize your hair.

What’s Next?

Today London’s Beautii just installed for me the:

Freetress Braid 2X Wand Curl Crochet Braid RINGLET WAND CURL


Faux Locs

Cute Bob Wig


I want to get into a cute bob wig. Very sexy and sleek!

Comment below with any questions!

Thank you for reading! God bless! 🙂

~Amma Mama

  • Nana D.
    October 18, 2016

    So cute! You are rockin’ that natural hair lady!!!

  • Whitney
    October 18, 2016

    Love it!! So beautiful

  • Rachel
    October 31, 2016

    How are you? I see you out here thriving with this beautiful hair. You’re serving hair goals for days. I hope that my hair (especially my edges) can grow like yours. I’m trying to nurse these edges myself. I’m currently in protective styles too with mini twists. Seeing how your edges fully came back gives me hope!
    PS: I’m finally back to blogging again can you believe it? ->

    • ammamama
      November 3, 2016

      Omg Hey boo! You’re back! You’ve were missed!! Yes there is hope for sure. Mines were a mess! :-/ Just give them that good TLC. I went looking for you one time and you were nowhere to be found. WELCOME back, I’m happy you’re back 🙂

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