Sunday Lunch at Little Kampala Grill

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I took my own advice from my blog post Fall Activities: Fun Things to Do In The Fall and  I tried a new restaurant with my bestie. We had lunch at Little Kampala Grill. A Ugandan restaurant in North Laurel, Maryland. I was anxious to try it it out because the reviews on Yelp and Facebook were good. Plus I wanted to try Ugandan food!

First Impressions







-Beautiful Art

I passed it while driving and had to make a U-turn. It wasn’t noticeable but once inside, I was greeted by beautiful art and vibrant walls. The friendly waitress at the bar greeted my bestie and I. She was sweet and very attentive throughout our time there. The restaurant wasn’t busy which is unusual for any restaurant in the DMV on a Sunday afternoon but I enjoyed the emptiness!

What I Ordered


I ordered the chicken kebab, collard greens and french fries. EVERYTHING was delicious. The chicken kebab was seasoned to perfection! It was so good. I really wanted a turkey burger but I decided to go with this. I wish I would’ve tried some traditional Ugandan dishes but perhaps next time. I like what I like and usually stick with that when dining out anywhere.


My bestie ordered the grilled beef, fries and collard greens. The beef had a specific Ugandan name on the menu but I don’t remember it . My bestie said it tasted too fresh and that it didn’t have any flavor. She also said it tasted like  the animal was just slaughtered. She offered me some to try but after such a description of its taste, I DECLINED. She liked everything else though and even said the collard greens tasted just like her mom’s.

Our Final Thoughts and Rating



We’ll definitely return. We enjoyed ourselves and the ambiance. We even stayed for hours afterwards just talking and enjoying the peaceful vibe. The portions are large. They do include tip in the total charge which is  helpful. BEWARE,  some of the items listed on the menu may not be available. That is very TYPICAL of African restaurants (no shade, just facts). However, out of the African restaurants I’ve dined at, this was the best (hands down). This (here) is their online menu. However, they have much more than this listed on the physical restaurant menu that was given to us. The service was fast and our waitress was great! The Bopsie TwinZ give Little Kampala Grill TWO THUMBS UP! Try it out!


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Amma Mama





  • Ronah Jardine
    November 15, 2016

    Hi. Amma I’m from Uganda next time ask for matooke and peanut souce or if they have dry fish in peanut source its the best. I’m glad you and your friend enjoyed yourselves.

    • ammamama
      November 16, 2016

      Hi Ronah! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to try that next time, sounds yummy.

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