5 Reasons You Must See Brandy LIVE

Happy Tuesday!

I had the PLEASURE of seeing my childhood IDOL Brandy live the day before my birthday!!! As a little black girl growing up in the 90s, Brandy was my everything. I wrote her a letter, I never missed an episode of Moesha, I had all of her CDs (thanks to my brother Kofi who literally had every 90s R&B album) and I had the Brandy barbie doll. Yes, I was a stan ya’ll. Anywho, my twin texted me the image below one Friday night and I IMMEDIATELY texted my best friend so we could purchase our tickets ASAP!! We bought our tickets that night!

YASS!!! I LOVE Brandy !! And she was coming the day before my birthday, it was a no brainer!!! It was meant to be! I mean c’mon!! The stars were aligned and I NEEDED to be there.

Announcing… @DCLAProductions presents @4EverBrandy on Sunday, November 20th! Tickets are on sale now at the link in our bio. 😍

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Anywho, today’s post is all about WHY you should see Brandy live in case you were wondering why.


1. Brandy is a LIVING LEGEND

She has worked with all the greats such as Whitney Houston and Diana Ross. It’s no wonder she was  honored last month with the Soul Train Lady of Soul award, presented to her by Jill Scott (I mean c’mon!..lol) #Winning

2. She is the VOCAL BIBLE.

Even though I’ve just recently heard her being called this nickname *side eye*..lol

But seriously, her voice is AMAZING live. She has the voice of an angel and her voice is truly heaven sent. She has taken care of it throughout the years. Good for her! #SayNOtodrugsandhardliquor

3. She is an ENTERTAINER!

Brandy is an actress, former CoverGirl spokesmodel and an amazing singer. #TRIPLETHREAT

So you know her stage presence is LIT then, right? And you know she can dance right? She starred as Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical Chicago so please don’t sleep on her dancing skills! Get it Bran!!!

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4. Brandy is our childhood.

She was apart of every black girl growing up in the 90s childhood. She is 90s ROYALTY and her music is timeless! *Ques* Have You Ever  She was our Moesha! She was our FIRST black Cinderella! She was our CoverGirl. She was the first to die in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer..lol Just kidding, I think her boyfriend played by Mekhi Phifer was ..lol. I watched that movie only once  just for Brandy but I she was barely in it. #Ugh

Anywho, Brandy was everything to little black girls such as myself growing up in the 90s and she wore braids all the time! Even on red carpet! How cool? She made braids classy AF.

5. She’s the original Awkward Black Girl.

My BFF who attended the concert with me said that Brandy IS awkward and I agree. Growing up, I always sensed she was TOO nice, a people pleaser, insecure, self-conscious and shy. It appeared to me that she didn’t know her worth and talent.  Although sad, those qualities definitely resonated with me and I saw myself in Brandy. Those qualities made her more relatable to me back then because I was and I still am awkward AF …lol.

I remember watching interviews with her and her being so shy and unable to take a compliment/ praise from the interviewer.  However, she’s truly blossomed over these past few years! She’s more vocal (Twitter fingers AF) and more comfortable in her skin. She’s popping off at folks online and throwing lots of shade at Monica..lol #messyAF

I’ll  forever and always be #TEAMBrandy no matter how petty/messy she is .

Coincidentally, I saw Monica with my BFF last year, the day before her birthday..lol

See below!

And I remember summer of 98 re-enacting the Boy Is Mine music video with my BFF, I was always Brandy and she was always Monica. She loved her some Monica in the 90s. I was and will always be #TEAMBRANDY!

Now my BFF is #TEAMBRANDY, no comparison between the two.

I would pay to see Brandy again!!!!

Snippets of the Night

The Whole Concert

Because it’s 2016 and you don’t have to leave the house to live, the whole concert is on YouTube here for viewing pleasure! I loved this clip below especially!

The petty queen in me wants to know if you’re #TeamBrandy or #TeamMonica?

Share below in the comments and thank you for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama

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