FreeTress Water Wave vs. FreeTress Wand Curl

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As you can read from the title, I tried out two different types of crochet hair from the FreeTress brand. I am sharing the pros and cons of each hair as well as which one I prefer.

FreeTress Wand Curl

I purchased this hair from a beauty supply store in Bowie, Maryland (I don’t remember the name). I bought it because the usual FreeTress Water Wave I always purchase was a MESS. I opened up one (out of the six packs I purchased) and the hair was stringy. It didn’t even curl and the packages were skimp without much hair in them. I returned the 5 unopened packs for store credit. The store manager wouldn’t give me store credit for the opened pack even though he could clearly see the hair inside was RAGGEDY. Anywho, I was too scared to risk purchasing another FreeTress Water Wave (even from another beauty supply store) because I couldn’t trust that I was getting quality hair. #Traumatized As a result, I decided to try out the FreeTress Wand Curl.


  1. It’s big and bouncy.
  2. People thought it was my hair and I let them, thanks London’s Beautii.

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  1. It weighed down my cornrows. The loops for the the hair were so thick and big that it left an indentation in my cornrows that I disliked.
  2. The curls quickly got flat. It didn’t take long for some of them to lose their definition.
  3. The curls were easily matted.
  4. Itย gave me mom vibes. I felt like a mom with this hair and slightly wiggish.
  5. It didn’t look good on me without makeup.

Um, so the last two cons are personal but cons nonetheless.

Final Thoughts

I’m never buying this hair again.

FreeTress Water Wave (Ombre)


  1. The ombre is so cute! It looks so good on me (I’m still rocking it)! It gives me 90s Janet Jackson/That’s The Way Love Goes vibeZ.
  2. This hair was better than my usual FreeTress Water Wave because I ordered it from
  3. It was cheaper than the beauty supply store, the hair quality is BETTER and the packages were FULL. The hair was shipped and delivered promptly after I placed my order.
  4. My curls are intact as if I just got my hair done. Even though I’m going on a month and I have been exercising and sweating consistently. #ZumbaFriendly
  5. I get so many compliments on it.
  6. People actually though it was my hair (this time I was honest and let them know it was not), thanks to a seamless installation done by London’s Beautii.

Final Thoughts

I love the ombre. I will definitely order it again from I’ve never seen sold at my local beauty supply stores but aside from that, the quality is better at Sam’s Beauty. Beauty supply stores are a hit or miss (a big swindle!). You never know what you’re going to get when you open up that pack of crochet hair. I can’t take that chance with my crochet hair anymore so Sam’s Beauty it is.

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Thanks for reading!

~Amma Mama

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