NEW video: #AmmaMamaHair-Natural Hairspiration 2016!

Happy Thursday!

I’ve uploaded a new YouTube video on my channel sharing all my beautiful hairstyles that I’ve rocked this year. 2016 was a great year (hair wise). My natural hair has flourished, thanks to my protective styles and my hairstylist London’s Beautii. Within this last year, I’ve learned to LOVE and truly appreciate my natural hair. *Ques* the Sesame Street song I Love My Hair. I’ve also played around with different styles and I didn’t limit myself because of my texture or length. Black hair is magic! You can do whatever you want with it, just protect those edges.

Anywho, please thumbs up my video below if you like it! I would appreciate it, thank you.

What was you favorite hairstyle on me? Β Please share below and thanks for watching!

~Amma Mama

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