The Black Love Experience 2017- BE THERE!

Happy Tuesday and Happy New Year!

Today’s post is all about the #BlackLoveExperience aka #BlackLoveDC. This glorious event takes place every February and is a Nubian Hueman Boutique production. I attended and worked this event February 2015 (peep my throwback pic below). My full recap with more pictures can be found here.

Black Love Experience 2015 part Deux with @maichickbad

Fast forward almost two years later and I am an official BLE Ambassador!! #YayME!

Purchase Tickets

Tickets are on sale now for the The Black Love Experience! Tickets can be purchased here. Use my discount code ATAMBLKLV for $5 off general admission. Please visit for more info.

What is BLE?

Photo Credit: Mayowa Ojo @wandersinc

In a nutshell, it’s art, music, shopping, energy, all things Black & most of all amazing vibes. Visit for more info. Every year gets better! I promise!

What I’m MOST looking Forward to!

Being the black hair enthusiast that I am (see #AmmaMamaHair), I am most looking forward to spotlight artist Shani Crowe. Renowned photographer best known for her exhibit Braids: A collection of photography highlighting intricate braided hairstyles and recent hair stylist for singer Solange on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Crowe will adorn the space and hold the stage to demonstrate the comradery within African-American hair salons and barbershops.

Can’t wait!!!! I had the pleasure of seeing her amazing work in person last summer (see here) at the MoCADA Museum in NY. It was the highlight of my visit to the MoCADA museum! #DOPE

My Thoughts

It’s beautiful when black people UNITE to uplift and support one another. We’re all so talented and gifted. There is power in Black unity, black dollars and we need to appreciate our culture/heritage. In addition, we need to support black owned businesses and black artists. I am not shunning anyone else’s culture because there is beauty in ALL cultures! Not just the African/Black culture. One culture is not superior to the next. However, I did feel a GREAT sense of African/Black pride at the last Black Love Experience I attended. It was a wonderful feeling.

*Ques I’m Black ya’ll* and PUMPS FIST in the air!

Real Connections and Network

I left that night feeling VERY inspired. BLE is the type of event you can attend alone if need be. The energy and atmosphere is always inviting. You will make connections, trust me. That’s how Nubian Hueman’s events are. Everyone is so friendly. No competition, no cattiness, no hate, just BLACK love and respect all around. At Black Love DC, I talked to folks I’ve followed for years via social media but had never met in person. I was greeted with a big hug and nothing but love from these individuals. It’s always nice to step away from social media land and have a one on one human connection.

In addition, I appreciate the platform that Black Love DC provides to black owned businesses and black artists. In stressful times such as now, especially with all that’s going on in America (our new President-elect #YIKES) and the black community {i.e. #BlackLivesMatter}, this platform is necessary for my generation and generations to come. Black is beautiful and so is buying black. I hope to see you at the Black Love Experience Part Quatre on February 18th! Purchase your tickets now and use my discount code ATAMBLKLV!

Please let me know in the comments section if you have any questions about this awesome event. You can read the official press release here.

Thanks for reading

~Amma Mama

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