The Black Love Experience IV- #BLACKLOVEDC Recap

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The Black Love Experience was last Saturday and it was LIT. The fourth annual event (it takes place every February) showcases black creatives and UNIFIES black people because BLACK LIVES MATTER and so do BLACK CREATIVES!  As a BLE ambassador, I had the pleasure of taking over the @blackloveexperience Instagram for the entire event and it was exhilarating!! I enjoyed moving throughout the venue to chat with fellow creatives and attendees about what black love means to them. One of the BLE vendors Kimone Young of 84gem said it best:

“Black love is us loving on ourselves, connecting with ourselves and connecting with our fellow brothers and sisters.” – Kimone Young (@84gem)

Watch what other creatives and vendors had to say below!

What is Black Love?

Video Snippets of the Night

Below is a video montage of my InstaStory clips. Press play!

Highlights from the Night

One of my personal highlights from the night was meeting Jamie Foster Brown. The owner and publisher of former black media publication Sister 2 Sister Magazine. She is black magazine royalty. Before black gossip blogs such as The Shade Room and YBF, there was Sister 2 Sister magazine. During middle school & high school, I used to get all of my celeb TEA from it. My mom would drop me off at the local library and I would sit there and read it from beginning to end until she came to pick me up. I would check out whatever I didn’t finish reading. I should’ve been studying ya’ll and checking out books! However, the interviews were always so candid and juicy! My young mind couldn’t resist. Jamie Foster Brown is a great interviewer and black celebs always spilled the tea to her. Lots of TEA  for young Amma Mama to sip on…lol

Anywho, I was updating the @blackloveexperience IG page when I heard a woman comment on how beautiful my hair was. I looked up to thank her and it’s Jamie Foster Brown!!! I was starstruck and flattered by the compliments she was giving my hair! I asked her for a picture and she obliged. She was so sweet and humble! Meeting her felt like a flashback from my childhood. If I had money and were not a kid (at the time), I would’ve subscribed to monthly issues of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. That’s how much I loved the magazine which has since ceased publication. Whenever, I had extra allowance money, I would purchase issues from my local 7 Eleven (depending who was on the cover…lol).

Shani Crowe X #CoifCafe

The next highlight was watching artist, hairstylist and creative Shani Crowe braid hair in the Coif Cafe. Watch her work her magic below.

Her work is amazing! She later shared with me what black love means to her. Watch her response below!


I did a lot of recording because social media is always better in real time. Right?

As a result, I didn’t take many photos but below are the few I took.

Artwork by Visual Artist @llanakila

More from the #CoifCafe

#BLACKLOVE #Sisterhood

Baba Juice

So yummy and healthy! Check them out at @drinkbabajuice

I got the ginger, it’s so good! I need to try the other flavors.


I wish I took more pictures of all the unique styles and hair people rocked that night. Seeing all those beautiful, FLY and stylish black folks reminded me of the George C. Wolfe quote (below) that I saw at the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

God created black people and black people created style. -George C. Wolfe

#FACTSonly #WordtoyourMother

 My Final Thoughts

Makeup done by @jwalkermua

The Black Love Experience is always a positive experience. It’s a night filled with fun, fellowship, black creatives, black talents and most importantly BLACK LOVE! I attended alone and I left with new contacts. I also connected with familiar faces. I was motivated and energized by the black unity  displayed that night. The love and support in that place was bursting! We are strong and beautiful together. The Black Love Experience is a wonderful reminder of that. There is power and love in black owned businesses.

THANK YOU Anika Hobbs (@nubianhueman), Ebone’ (@goodthoughtsteacompany) and Sakinah (@saxbehave) for a phenomenal experience! Thanks to all the vendors and musical talents as well. They each made the night memorable! Make sure you follow @nubianhueman or visit for future events showcasing and supporting black creatives. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out! If you’re a black creative, there’s a place for you at Nubian Hueman so don’t be shy and contact here! Also, please vote Nubian Hueman Best Clothing Boutique (HERE) for Washington City Paper Best of D.C.

Thank you for reading!

~Amma Mama

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